Welcome to Mosswood Connections Educational Activities and Resources

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Mosswood Connections is a resource for childhood development, education, and special needs. Our educational activities are based on the idea that learning should be fun. We encourage children to laugh as they learn.

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childhood development, educational activities and special needs

Art & Craft Projects for Kids

There are so many lessons to be learned while doing art and craft projects. Make something beautiful, make something fun, be creative and stretch the imagination.

Auditory Processing Activities

Being a good listener is a skill. Following directions and processing information can be difficult. We make it fun with our auditory processing and listening activities.

Autism Spectrum, Attention Deficit & Sensory Processing

Read some of our favorite articles about autism, attention deficit disorder, sensory processing, and other special needs.

Fine Motor Activities

Fine Motor Activities help strengthen the hands and exercise the fingers! 

Gross Motor Activities

Gross motor skills are an important stepping stone to building other skills. Get the kids active and have fun moving!

Intermediate Readers Book Lesson Plans

Reading is one of life’s best pleasures! Dive into literature and explore books with our in-depth book lesson plans complete with discussion questions and hands-on activities

Math Activities

Children will enjoy learning new math skills with our hands-on math activities.

Mosswood Connections Blog

Articles on parenting, special needs, and educational activities.


We have a compiled a list of resources for families. Information about autism, books, support services for people with special needs, education, therapeutic services, and more!

Picture Book Lessons and Activities

Exposing young children to books has proven to be one of the leading factors in success later in life. You and the children will find it exciting to explore books with our hands-on book lessons and activities.


Inspiring quotes and memes to brighten your everyday life.

Sensory Regulation Activities

Making messes, going through obstacle courses, running and jumping are fun. Activities like that always help children develop a healthy sensory system. Sensory regulation activities can calm an overactive child or wake up an underactive system.

Speech and Language Arts Activities

Activities for speaking, reading and writing. Explore our assortment of delightful speech and language arts activities. Kids will build skills while having fun!

Social Skills Activities & Games

We have a variety of games, activities and art projects  to teach children about social skills. Learn about feelings and how to control them. Learn about compassion and empathy. Learn what it means to be a good friend. There are many lessons to be learned through perspective taking and peer relationships. 

Visual Processing Games

Our eyes are one of our best tools. Good visual processing skills will help children navigate their world. Playing visual processing games will strengthen visual skills while everyone has fun.

Young Readers Book Lesson Plans and Activities

Encourage a love of reading with our Young Readers Book Lesson Plans. Sink into a world between two covers and explore what it has to offer. We offer discussion questions, writing prompts and hands-on book extension activities.

Mosswood Connections is a Resource for Childhood Development Educational Activities and Special Needs