X is for Explore! 3 Sensory Activities to Explore the Letter X

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Welcome to Alphabet Sensory Activities!

26 amazing bloggers hosted by the Jenny Evolution have gotten together to share Alphabet Sensory Activities based on a letter of the alphabet.  You can find a sensory activity for each letter of the alphabet here!

Sensory Alphabet Activities 3 Sensory Activities to Explore the Letter X

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X is for Explore!

We are excited to contribute our 3 Sensory Activities to Explore the Letter X!

The letter “X” can be a difficult letter for kids to learn.

There really are few words that start with the letter “x”, “x” changes sounds depending on whether is a beginning sound – think xylophone – or somewhere else in a word –  think extra or fox, and writing the letter “x” requires making diagonal lines and crossing midline. We decided to include 3 Sensory Activities to Explore the Letter “X” so you could have your choice on the best way for your children to learn.

The first sensory activity to explore the letter X is:  

The Letter X Marks the Spot

The Letter “X” Marks the Spot

Materials for The Letter “X” Marks the Spot:

Instructions for The Letter “X” Marks the Spot:

  1. Bury the treasure in the sand. You can use a sandbox or a box of Magic Sand like we did.
  2. Have the kids guess where the treasure is hiding and mark their guess with an “X” marks the spot. We used beads and jewels, but you can use anything you have on hand: beans, rocks, marbles, etc.
  3. Then have the kids dig where they put their “X” Marks the Spot.
  4. Whoever finds the treasure wins!
  5. Have the kids collect their spot markers for more fine motor and sensory fun. The person who won the treasure can rebury it for the others to guess in the next round.

The Letter X Marks the Spot Treasure

The second activity to explore the letter X involves gross motor:  

True or False?

Materials for True or False:

  • Children
  • Questions

Instructions for True or False:

  1. This game is played like “Mother May I?”. One player stands on one end of the field or room. This person is “it”.
  2. All the other players line up on the opposite side.
  3. The player who is “it” makes true or false statements. For example, “Broccoli is a vegetable.” or “The sky is bright pink.”
  4. If the statement is true the players make a thumbs up signal and take one baby step forward. If the statement is false the players draw a giant “X” in the air and take one giant step forward.
  5. The first player to reach “it” wins.

The third activity to explore the letter X is:

The Letter X Art Project

Materials for The Letter “X” Art Project:

Gemstone sorting

Instructions for The Letter “X” Art Project:

  1. We painted a canvas black and drew “x’s” in the paint, but you can skip this step.
  2. While the paint was drying, we had the kids sort the gemstones into different colors just to give them more fine motor and sorting practice.
  3. Have the children draw a giant X on their art project surface with glue. You can pre-draw it with chalk if they need help.
  4. Glue on the objects or if you are using stickers skip the glue and simply press on the stickers.

The Letter X Art Project

For more ways to explore and learn about the letter “X” visit:

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Learn With Play: 150+ Ideas for Year-round Fun & Learning
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3 Sensory Activities to Explore the Letter X!


  1. Oh my goodness, I love you! My son’s name starts with X and I had never thought of X marks the spot or denoting true or false!!! He’s just a wee bit too young for this but as soon as he’s old enough, I’m DEFINITELY using this. LOVE!!!


  2. You picked one of the trickiest letters – and you nailed it! I love the X art!


  3. Very cute and creative activities. I love activities that focus on one letter at a time. I’ll be trying these with my little people!


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