4 DIY Busy Box Matching Games

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Board games are a great way to build skills while having fun.

We made four versions of our DIY Busy Box Matching Games for you to try.

Busy Box Matching Games

This fall we are working with children of different ages with a wide variety of skill levels. We wanted to create a game that can be adjusted for each child’s interests and needs. In the past, we have used Thomas the Tank Engine and Star Wars characters to get kids interested in matching, reading and counting. We can’t include those games here because of copyright laws, but you can take the concept of this game and make your own version. We also did a category matching game that was lots of fun.

Materials for our DIY Busy Box Matching Games:

  • A Shallow Box 8″ x 12″ or larger
  • Straws
  • Pom Poms
  • Printable Game Sheets (Click the pictures below to download.)
Busy Box Words & Pictures-Page-2
Busy Box Words & Pictures Matching Game Cards
Busy Box Words & Pictures
Busy Box Words & Pictures Game Board


Busy Box Shapes and Colors Matching Game-Page-1
Busy Box Shapes and Colors Matching Game Cards
Busy Box Shapes and Colors Matching Game-Page-2
Busy Box Shapes and Colors Matching Game Board


Busy Box Numbers Matching Game-Page-1
Busy Box Numbers Matching Game Cards
Busy Box Numbers Matching Game-Page-2
Busy Box Numbers Matching Game Board


Busy Box Halloween Match-Page-1
Busy Box Halloween Matching Game Cards
Busy Box Halloween Match-Page-2
Busy Box Halloween Match Game Board


GROSS MOTOR ACTION CARDSInstructions for our DIY Busy Box Matching Games:

  • Place a game board on the bottom of the box. You can use our printable versions or make your own. They are easy to make, the kids can even help with this part of making the game.
  • Cut out the matching cards. Again you can make your own cards or use toys and objects that match the targets on the game board.
  • Spread the cards out around your play space. You can make it easy or difficult to find depending on the skill level of the kids.
  • Cut out the action cards.
  • First, have the child pick an action card.
  • Have the children use the straws to blow the pom pom in the game box. Whatever the pom pom lands on is what the child has to go and get while doing the action on the card they chose. 
  • Variations: Instead of pom poms you can use a marble, small ball or a crumpled up piece of paper. Instead of using a straw and blowing, you can use a wind-up toy or spin a top to incorporate fine motor skills.
  • The game is over when all the cards have been collected.


There are so many ways this game can be adapted. What are some of your ideas?

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Busy Box Matching Games


  1. Thanks for letting me share this in my Halloween roundup that will go live tonight!


  2. What a fun activity! I love how it’s a learning activity, PLUS it gets kids active through the gross motor cards! Thanks for sharing on Toddler Fun Friday! 🙂


  3. What an awesome idea! I love that you can make them any theme and to fit the seasons! Thanks!


  4. My kids love matching games but I never thought about using a pom pom or action cards with it.


  5. Oh my daughter loves matching games right now and using the straw and the Pom Pom would be right up her alley. We will definitely be trying this!


  6. These are fantastic games. I love the printable cards, especially the dancing icon. That one makes me smile!


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