About Us

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Sarah and Shelah
Sarah and Shelah

About us

Mosswood Connections is the creation of a couple of play therapists who happen to be parents. We are sharing the many strategies and activities that we have created or used to enhance the development of all children, particularly those with special needs. We have had success encouraging significant progress by using positive reinforcement and targeted skill building through play.

 The creators of Mosswood Connections, Shelah and Sarah, have been working with children who have special needs for many years.  Over the years they have acquired a variety of therapy tools and parenting techniques to enhance the educational and developmental programs of the children with whom they work. As parents they bring the same energy and approach to parenting their own kids. They have seen the benefit of their approach in their own children and in their clients. Some of their clients have successfully been mainstreamed with either little or no support.  Their success in working with children is based on their using a creative, collaborative approach to connect with children in order to enhance their development by tapping into each child’s interests and strengths. This website is a compilation of some of the techniques and activities that they have used over the years.

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Our Mission

At Mosswood Connections, we strive to bring out the best in all children. We connect with the child so that we can understand their perspective and so we can find the best way to help them see the world from our perspective. We collaborate with the child, the parents and other professionals to build the best foundation for children to learn and grow. We create a new world by filling the child’s world with our joy, hope and expectations for a successful journey through life. We hope that we can reach out and help more children through this website.








Contest Rules

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