Felt Boards

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Felt Boards are a classic activity that are simple to make.

Felt Boards


We weren’t thinking about making felt boards but sometimes when we are doing one thing the creative juices start flowing! This activity comes to us from a very smart, creative boy. While we were making the felt garlands, he decided that he would rather make a felt board. It just happened to be October so, of course, he chose to make Halloween-inspired figures. So here is our homemade felt board.

Target Skills:
Fine motor
Language and Story Telling
Markers or Chalk
Felt Boards InstructionsHave the children draw simple shapes or figures on the felt.

You can also cut out pictures and trace their shape onto the felt.

Young children can use stencils.

Make sure to draw on the side that you want to use face down.


Felt Boards InstructionsCut out the shapes and tell a story!

Young children may need help cutting out the shapes and figures.





For a variety of story time templates visit DLTK’s Crafts for Kids



Felt garland fine motor
Felt garland
Shadow Puppets

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