Sticker Art Project


This sticker art project is beautifully simple while it works on core skills. Kids love stickers so they are a natural choice for art projects and learning activities. Using stickers helps develop the pincer grasp, eye hand coordination and visual spatial processing.

Sticker Art

This sticker art project will keep kids happily creating their own beautiful sticker pictures.


Target Skills: Pincer grip, Eye hand coordination and Visual spatial processing
Materials: Paper, Markers or Crayons, Circle Stickers

Instructions on how to make a sticker art project:
• Draw a simple picture where the circle will complete the picture.
Here are some ideas: a bunch of balloons, flowers, wheels on vehicles.
• Have the child complete the picture using the stickers.
• For added difficulty get different sizes and colors of stickers and give auditory directions on which type of sticker to use. For example, “Use the big blue circles for the truck wheels and use the small red circles for the car wheels.”

Nick Jr. has a free online game to make more sticker pictures


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