Animal Elevator Gross Motor Activity


Animal Elevator Gross Motor Activity
This game is kid tested and kid approved. One young friend has been obsessed with this game and asks to play it all the time. The idea for this game came while I was watching an occupational therapist working on hand over hand skills by having the child open and close the window blinds. In order to make learning that skill more fun this game was created. It turns out that there have been many skills incorporated into this game making it a valuable educational tool.

Animal Elevator Gross Motor Game


Target Skills:

Hand over Hand Coordination

Self-Help Skills (Tying and Untying Knots)

Language Development

Shared Enjoyment/Referencing



Concept of  “light and heavy”

Stuffed Animals
String or Rope
 A Place to Hang the Rope



  1.  Start by telling a story. My story was that our stuffed friends wanted to climb way up high but it was too hard for them so they needed help. It was our job to help them have fun and go way up high. In the spirit of Wonder Pets we needed “To get to work! Teamwork!”
  2. The first time tie the knot for the child. Put the string over a tree branch, closet rod, down the stairs, wherever you can find a good spot.
  3. Encourage the child to look at you-count to 3 and have the child pull the animal up by placing their hands in a hand over hand motion. Once the animal is all the way up, count to 3 again and let the animal down.
  4. Have the child untie the knot.
  5. Have the child choose the next animal; prompt the child to say the animals name.
  6. Then help the child tie a knot around the next animal and repeat the process.
  7. Use other toys or objects. After the toy is “rescued” group them together by category.
  8. Each time you add another animal or toy encourage the child to count how many and to say the names of the animals or toys.





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