Brilliant Bubble Wrap Gross Motor Games


Bubble wrap is one of the best inventions (behind balloons); there are so many fun ways to use it!

Put bubble wrap in front of children and watch them rush to play and explore those awesome little pockets of air. Our Brilliant Bubble Wrap Gross Motor Games will have kids laughing while they learn.
We have had so much fun with bubble wrap that we could not choose just one activity.

Bubble Wrap Games for Kids

Materials for Bubble Wrap Games:

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Permanent Markers
  • Exercise Therabands
  • Bubble Wrap Hopscotch



bubblewrap hopscotch

Bubble Wrap Hopscotch:

This game is pretty self-explanatory. The bubble wrap entices a reluctant child to play.



bubblewrap stomping

Bubble Wrap Paths

This is a great way to work on motor planning. You can lay the bubble wrap in paths that go up, down and around. We tried laying it out in an infinity loop to work on crossing mid-line.

Blindfolded Version

Blindfold the child(ren) and then have them follow the path by feel. Start off easy, then make the path go in unexpected directions. Go up, over, and around obstacles and different feeling surfaces. You can also vary the game by having them keep their hands behind their backs on put one hand on the head, etc. To make it extra tough, put on blindfolds, make the path go over unexpected surfaces, in an unexpected direction, while you call out instructions like, “Put your hand behind your back.” “Go backward!” or “Now, hop on one foot!”


Red Rover  “Red Rover” with Bubble Wrap

Red Rover is a game where children stand on one end of a field holding hands. They call another child over by chanting, “Red Rover, Red Rover, send _________ Right over!” If the child that is called can break through the linked hands then they are not caught. If they cannot break through then they become part of the team linking hands.

In our version, we wrapped a theraband with bubble wrap. Then we had the kids hold 

therabandseither end of the bubble wrapped theraband. What resulted was a giant kid launching machine. As the child ran into the bubble wrap, the kids holding it pulled and “boing” went the child running into the theraband covered with bubble wrap. A super fun game for playdates. But be careful not to launch the running child too far!

Here are sensory/fine motor games to add to the list:

Pop the Bubbles!
bubble wrap poppingMost of us have enjoyed popping bubble wrap at some point. Did you know that the act of popping bubble wrap helps with finger strength and coordination? It also can calm an active child. When I was working in a preschool there was one boy who would only sit still for circle time when I gave him a piece of bubble wrap to pop.

Paint with Bubble Wrap:

bubble wrap art

And of course, you can make fun paint textures with bubble wrap. Wrap a roller with the bubble wrap. Secure with tape. Dip the roller into paint and roll on paper.


Enjoy the Many Uses of Bubble Wrap!

Brilliant Bubble Wrap Gross Motor Games


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