Maze Games


Maze Games are an enjoyable way to work on vision skills, directionality and critical thinking skills. You can make them as elaborate or as simple as you like.

Giant maze games can be super fun while building gross motor and vision skills. Giant mazes also give you the option to turn the maze into an obstacle course. You can have your maze go any way you want. We did a simple maze but sometimes we put things in the path that you have to step on or over. We have made chalk mazes that circle the house. The best part of an outdoor maze is that you just use what’s available. Once the maze is done we like to be silly. Sometimes we skip through the maze or go backward. You can have the children go fast and slow. Add music and dance through the maze. Any way you choose, it will be fun!


Gross Motor Maze Games

Target Skills:
  • Visual tracking
  • Visual scanning
  • Motor Planning
  • Directionality
  • Auditory Processing (optional)
  • Following Directions (optional)
  • Chalk or painters tape or flour
  • Objects to place in the maze
  • Use the chalk (outside), the painters tape (inside) or the flour (on grass) and make a maze.
  • To add complexity to the simple maze have the child do different body movements: “Hop through the maze.” Or “Walk heel to toe through the maze.” Or even “Can you go backwards through the maze?”
  • Clap your hands or play a drum and have them work their way through the maze to the beat. Vary the tempo between slow and fast.
  • Put obstacles in the maze that they must go over or around.
  • For added difficulty, blindfold the person walking the maze and have the other children direct them through.

For a large variety of printable mazes visit  

Mazes games are a great way to learn through play!


look and find box for visual scanning

sensory regulation game involving smashing ice