Plunger Games!

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My son’s school wanted me to come up with some games for their Fun Friday Field Day. We decided on an updated obstacle course involving Plunger Games.

While I was shopping for supplies at the dollar store I spied plungers on sale for
one dollar and my mind started racing with the possibilities. My son still enjoys
bathroom humor and I knew that playing with plungers would be a hit with the first
grade crowd. That is how Plunger Games was created.
Plunger Games Gross Motor Fun
Target Skills:
  • Hand – eye coordination
  • Bi-lateral movement
  • Upper Body Strength
  • Plungers
  • Balls
  • Coaster Scooters
Plunger Relay Race:
Give each child a plunger. Divide the children into teams and have them do a relay race
balancing the balls on their plungers.
Plunger Catch:
Use the plungers to throw and catch the ball.
Plunger Coaster Crawl:
Give each child two plungers and a coaster scooter. Have them sit cross-legged on the
board with one plunger in each hand. Have them use the plungers like ski poles to
propel themselves forward.
Have the child lay prone on their stomachs on the coaster scooter and use the two plungers to propel themselves forward.
What games can you think of? Here are some of our other favorite gross motor games:
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Pendulum Water Blast Visual Tracking Activity
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    1. The kids loved the plungers and we loved that we were able to find them for $1.00.


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