Journal Writing for Kids

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Journal writing for kids is a useful tool for parents, teachers and therapists. We use them to explore feelings, to develop writing skills and as a way to help our students express themselves. If you are crafty and artistic your journals will look like Sarah’s. If you are like me, your journals will look like scribble scrabble. Either way is fine. It is the process that it is important not the product. Although, when your journals look like Sarah’s the end product is pretty cool.

Printable Journal page for kids

Target Skills:
Writing Skills
Notebook or journal
Set aside some time regularly for journal writing.
To help children get started you can use some writing prompts:
“What is in my heart?” Draw a large heart on the page and make sections. Write something different that you are feeling in each section.

“Inside and Out” Draw two outlines of a body. In one outline draw or write about what people see when they look at you. In the other outline draw or write about how you feel on the inside.


Downloadable Journal Pages:
Journal Page for Young Kids
Journal Page for Kids
Lola Goes to the Doctor Journal Page for Kids
Lola Goes to the Doctor Journal Page for Young Kids
Author Marissa Moss has more downloadable journal pages on her Fun Stuff Page.

In order to get into a good habit of writing in a journal make time for it regularly in the schedule. When the kids are very young we start with pictures and let them dictate their thoughts. Sarah made her son’s journal extra cute by cutting out his pictures and words and gluing them onto colored paper. For children who have more writing skills you can use pre-printed journal pages to help them get started. Older children can use journals with prompts or write whatever is on their minds. By having them either write about their feelings or write in response to prompts you will find that their ability to process their feelings and write about different topics will expand and grow.


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  1. The love of writing cannot be obtain in a sudden for many people. The habits of writing will make them love writing day by day. Thank you very much for sharing.


  2. Making a routine of journal writing has been pretty successful for us. What also helps my daughter is when I sit down and write something with her – it seems to make it less of a chore and more something to do together 🙂


    1. That sounds like a nice way to spend time together.


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