Autumn Leaf Hats

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I love trees. Who doesn’t love trees? Not only are they beautiful but they provide a bounty of goodness: shade on a hot day, a place to climb, a home for animals. Not to mention the environmental importance of trees. They clean our air, absorb sounds and block the wind. But I will be honest, when autumn arrives and the leaves begin to fall, I don’t love them quite as much. Raking leaves becomes a weekly chore. I know it’s good exercise but after many weeks it’s a bit tedious. To reestablish my love for trees I need to find some use and pleasure in all those leaves that my trees are donating to my yard. So we pile up the leaves to jump in, we add the leaves  to the compost for next year’s garden and we make crafts! 

Autumn Leaf Hats

Make some Autumn Leaf Hats with the little ones in your life!

This simple art project will delight the children while you use child labor to gather the leaves from your garden.


Brown Bags

  • Glue
  • Leaves; You can collect your own or buy artificial leaves from the craft store.

Brown Bags. You need the size, bigger than a lunch bag and smaller than a grocery bag.

<Click the pictures to buy from Amazon>





  • Start by making a leaf treasure hunt. If you have leaves in your yard make a Race for Leaves contest. Tell the children to run, collect 10 leaves and bring them back. If you have many colored leaves have the kids play Find the Color; tell the children to find red leaves, then yellow leaves, etc. If you are using artificial leaves have a Treasure Hunt: hide them around the yard and have the children search for them.
  • Fold the opening of the bag to make it shorter.
  • Glue on the leaves.
  • Have a fall fashion show with your new hats.


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Sensory Autumn Art Project
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