Easy Candle Decoration

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Many winter holidays use candles in their celebrations.

Personalizing the candles for your table or for gifts can make the holiday even more special.

This technique for candle decoration is a quick and easy way to make any occasion more special. 

Easy Candle Decorations


I made these candle decorations with some students. I brought my samples home. My daughter saw the candles, scooped them up and asked if she could have them. They really are an easy way to dress up a plain candle.



Easy Candle Decorations MaterialsCandles

Waxed Paper

Permanent Markers

Hair Dryer




Cut out pieces of the waxed paper. For tapered candles cut out an elongated trapezoid shape to fit the tapered shape.

Draw a design on the waxier side with the permanent markers.

Wrap around the candle with the print side down.

Heat gently with the hair dryer until the waxed paper has stuck to the candle. I found it easier to first position the decoration on the front of the candle to make sure that it is straight and then roll the candle on a surface while pulling the waxed paper smooth and tight around the candle.


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  1. oh wow I didn’t know you could do this what a fun idea. Even my little ones will be able to make their own design I love it 🙂


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