Forest Wreath Art Project

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Anytime that we can combine nature, art and skill building we feel happy. Being out in nature clears the mind and bringing nature into the home reminds us of that feeling. This forest wreath is a simple art project that kids can be proud to hang on the wall to enjoy for many years.

forest wreath


Materials:                                        Objectives:

*Thick Cardboard Circle                 * Observational Skills

*Glue                                             * Fine Motor (pincer fingers, finger strength)

*Sticks                                            * Crossing Midline


1) If you do not have a cardboard circle cut one out of stiff cardboard.

2) Collect sticks. This is a good time to tell a story to enhance language skills. You can also turn collecting sticks into a vision game. Have one person be the “spotter” and direct the other person where to go to collect the stick. Use it as a math game by working on counting skills or working on simple division: “If we break one stick into 4 pieces, how many pieces would 2 sticks make?

3) Break the sticks into smaller pieces. You can sort the pieces by size to work on categories. You can work on patterning by gluing the sticks in order of size, then repeat.

4) Apply a good amount of glue onto the cardboard circle. Apply the sticks and allow to dry.

. . .and Tadah! You have made a beautiful Forest Wreath art project. Simple and beautiful.


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