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Looking for a creative way to re-use cardboard boxes? Here is a fun arts and crafts activity for you!

This creative arts and crafts activity is fabulous fun at home or for a classroom project. Children will delight in building their own Parcel Town!

We used our Parcel Town as a way to teach feeling and expressing gratitude.

Make a Box Village

The UPS man made many deliveries to our home this Christmas and as a result empty shipping boxes began to pile up in the garage. At one point they began to resemble a small city and this is where the idea for Thank You cards was born. Layton became very excited about making his Thank You cards once he realized that it involved spray paint, boxes and Christmas lights! We took all of the boxes outside and spray painted them blue. After letting them dry we began to cut out windows and doors. We brought the boxes back inside the house and began arranging the boxes to resemble a city scape. We used packing paper to make our clouds. We then added battery operated Christmas lights inside of the buildings as well as in the clouds. The final touch was placing a big Thank You sign (a tribute to the Hollywood sign) in the background of our city scape. I photographed the scene and I will print them out as postcards which Layton will personalize with a short message.


  • Creativity
  • Fine Motor
  • Visual Spatial Skills
  • Perspective Taking


  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Paint (We used spray paint but you can use any paint that you choose.)
  • Exacto knife
  • Construction paper, Markers for decorations


Paint the boxes; allow to dry.

Make Your Own Parcel Town


Cut out windows and doors with an exacto knife.


Talk about what you need to make a town.

What is important in your town? A store? A school? A train station?

Write Thank You letters to the people who make your life brighter in your town.

box creations 2


What town will you build when you do this engaging arts and crafts activity?


Box Sledding
Box Sledding
Gratitude Garland
Gratitude Garland


  1. What a great activity!! That must have been so much fun! And now I’m bummed that we got rid of all of our boxes already! Thanks for linking up!! #TakeTime


  2. Great idea! This would connect really well to the grade 1 curriculum of “our community” Thanks for linking up with us again!


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