Rock Art Project

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A Rock Art Project using melted crayons

One magical day a young boy was out taking a walk in a big empty field. He was having a pleasant time until all of a sudden he stubbed his toe on a large rock and he began to cry. His mother hugged him and said, “Don’t cry, I think that maybe the rock just wanted your attention. Maybe he feels lonely and wants to be noticed.” The mother and her child bent down and looked at the rock. It looked like an ordinary rock. The mother looked at her child, smiled and asked, “Shall we take it home and make it special?” The boy, forgetting about his hurt toe, smiled and nodded. So they took the rock home, washed it and put it into the oven to warm while the boy got his crayons, put on his mittens, and waited. When the rock was nice and warm and cozy it was ready for the boy. The boy took his crayons and created color and beauty. He gave it to his mother who put it in her garden and kept it in her heart. On that magical day the rock became special.

Rock Art Activity

This is an easy project that keeps kids busy and it makes a great gift or garden decoration.

Rock Art Materials


Put the rocks in a warm oven-250 degrees-for 10 minutes. Make sure that kids put on their mittens before handling rocks, they will be hot. Use old mittens as they may get wax on them. The crayons will melt when touched to the rock. Allow to dry. 

The beauty of using this method to decorate rocks is that they really last for a long time. I do not know how long they last in places that snow but here in California our decorated garden rocks have brightened our garden for over 10 years.

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