It Is Simply A Box Art Project


 We say that “It Is Simply A Box” because this cardboard box art project is deceptively simple.

People always say, “Why buy the toy when the kids just play with the box?” And it’s true. Kids love playing with boxes because it is such open-ended play. The box can be whatever is in the imagination. With some bright colored paper and boxes, an entire world can grow in your living room. Kids eyes light up and their imaginations come to life when they see how they can transform an ordinary object into a whole new creation. Beyond the joy of playing together and making the ordinary extraordinary, there are so many skills that are involved.  You can also add in skills by making patterns on the boxes or putting numbers on them and putting them in order. The possibilities are as wide as the imagination.



For children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, you may find it to be a more challenging activity for them. I remember reading Donna Williams’ book Nobody, Nowhere and being fascinated by the part where she explained that she did not relate details to the whole. So when she worked in a leather factory she did not understand that leather was part of a cow. When she saw a cow she did not relate that a cow may be part of a herd and so on. This cardboard box art project is great for helping children see how there may be many parts that make up a whole and that to make a whole picture you need to add details.

Target Skills:

  • Recognizing details
  • Visual-Spatial Awareness
  •  Pretend
  • Fine Motor


  • Small Cartons or Boxes
  • Scissors
  • Markers or Crayons
  • Construction paper
  • Glue


Cover the boxes with construction paper if you need to hide any graphics. Have the child(ren) cut out a variety of shapes from the colored construction paper. Have them glue those shapes onto the cartons. Encourage lots of details! Have them look at a real version of what they are creating so that they can see all the details. After your house is built you can make a whole town out of boxes. Add trees and cars, roads and people. This is a great play date activity.


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