True Aim Math Game

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The other day my friend and I were hosting an integrated play date.  We came prepared with a wide variety of activities including this True Aim Math Game, since you never know which game or activity will engage the kids that day. As always, the games that we thought the kids would love went okay but they got really excited when we pulled out a game that incorporates math and motor skills. Kids are great, they love learning when it is presented in a way that they can connect with, while collaborating with their friends.

True Aim Math Game
Target Skills:                                                       Materials:
Number Recognition                                             Chalk
Hand/Eye Coordination                                         Squeeze Rocket (Bean bags
Math Facts                                                            will work, too)
squeeze rocketInstructions:
Write numbers randomly on the ground with the chalk.
Draw a line where the kids will stand. Have the kids take turns squeezing the rocket towards the numbers.
Whatever number it lands on is the number they get. If it does not land on a number it equals 0. For failure sensitive kids you may let them take another turn. Encourage the other children to be generous with “re-do’s”.
If the skill you want to work on is number recognition then have the child whose turn it is direct everyone else to do a motor activity to match the number they got. For example, Nikhil’s rocket landed on “4”, so he would say,“Everyone turn around 4 times!” or “Jump 4 times.”
If you want to work on skip counting either make a lot of odd numbers or a lot of even numbers. Have the kids aim at the next number to skip count.
If the skill that you are working on is math facts then have the kids aim for 2 numbers and add them together or multiply them together. The largest sum (or product) wins.
For team play, pair up the kids and have them each aim for the number once and then add or multiply their numbers together for a combined team score.
There are so many ways that you can play this game! What are your ideas?


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Couponing For Kids
Get It, Got it, Good Math Game No Stress way to learn math facts.
Get It, Got it, Good Math Game No Stress Way to Learn Math Facts.

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