Balloon People Help Children Explore Their Feelings


Balloons are one of the best inventions ever! There are endless amounts of ways to have fun with balloons, so coming up with this idea to use balloons to explore feelings was a natural. Don’t be surprised if a tribe of balloon people invade your house.

These balloon people help children explore and identify their emotions in a fun and playful way. 

Balloon People Help Kids Explore Their Feelings

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Target Skills for Balloon People: 

o Emotional Awareness  
o Identifying Feelings  
o Fine Motor 
o Breath Support 

Balloon People Materials

Materials You Need to Make Balloon People:

Instructions on How to Make Balloon People:

o Draw a heart with a dashed line going half-way down the middle of the heart onto cardstock or cardboard.

Ballon People 1 o Cut out the heart and the slit.
o Blow up the balloon and tie.(Have the child blow up and tie the balloon as much as possible.)
o Insert the knot into the slit in the heart which now becomes feet!
o Talk about different feelings. Choose one feeling such as “happy” and ask which color balloon makes them think of as “happy”. Have them draw a calm expression on the balloon.
o Once you have a group of different feeling balloon people you can play with them in many ways.
o Use them to act out a story like One by Kathryn Otoshi.
o Use them to act out a real life situation. Pick the balloon person that shows how you are feeling.
o Have one person (“it”)act out a feeling while another person (or team) chooses the feeling balloon person that they guess “it” is feeling. See if they match.
o Play catch with them: for a two person game throw a balloon back and forth. Use a timer, music or simply say “stop” and the person holding the balloon has to act out the feeling that it represents. For a multi-player game stand in a circle and throw a few balloons around.
When the time is up the people holding the balloons act out the feelings.

Balloon People Help Kids Explore Their Feelings

Have fun exploring your feelings with your own Balloon People!

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