Sensory Regulation Activities

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  Sensory Regulation Activities aid in developing Sensory Processing Integration, which is critical for all areas of a child’s growth. It is a particularly critical area of focus for individuals with sensory processing disorder.

  Learning how to regulate their energy and feelings is an important aspect of any child’s program.

Sensory Integration Strategy and TipsSensory Integration Strategies & Tips

Sensory Integration Strategies PDF

There is a great expectation for children to stay on task, practice “quiet sitting” and to control their impulses. In certain situations, these expectations are reasonable but what about the child who either has an over active system or an under active system? For these children, sitting still may feel like an insurmountable task.


Objectives: Sensory Processing

Bedtime Buddies

Bedtime Buddies

Bedtime Buddies PDF

While reading the deliciously sweet Don’t Turn the Page by Rachelle Burk and illustrated by Julie Downing I was brought back to the bedtime routine of my daughter. Make your own sweet smelling Bedtime Buddies and it will soon be your child’s favorite stuffed friend!




Our Tips For Soothing the Anxious ChildOur Tips for Soothing the Anxious Child

Over the years we have collected tools and strategies to help children take control of their anxiety. Different strategies work with different children and situations. Choose the strategies for soothing the anxious child that fit with your child’s personality and needs.

Objectives: Regulating Feelings




Aromatic Ornaments

Aromatic Ornaments

Aromatic Ornaments PDF

This project is a sensory experience for the hands and the nose. Kids will love to mush, pound and roll the dough.

Objectives: Sensory, Tactile Defensiveness, Measurement



Balloon Pass- A Sensory Directionality GameBalloon Pass

Balloon Pass- PDF

Here is a fun game where the children have to think quickly, pay attention and respond to what they feel or hear. The idea of this game is to have the children pass the balloons left or right depending on what they feel.

Objectives: Directionality, Observational Skills, Sensory (tactile discrimination), Response Time


A Jar Full of Feelings

A Jar Full of Feelings

A Jar Full of Feelings PDF

Adults and children can benefit from this activity.

Objectives: Sensory and Emotional Regulation.




 Attention Meters can be used to help build focusing skills.

Attention Meter

Attention Meter Instructions PDF

Attention Meter Worksheet PDF

Meters can be used for many different situations. This meter was created for attention.

Objectives: Attention/Staying on task and Work Completion.



Emotion Explosion


Emotion Explosion PDF

We came up with this activity to help children work through their feelings.

Objectives: Emotional expression and Regulation.





My Calming JarMy Calming Jar

My Calming Jar PDF

This activity is designed to ease anxiety.

Objectives: Emotional Regulation.



Wildflower Seed Bombs- a Sensory Garden ProjectWildflower Seed Bombs

Seed-Bombs PDF

These native seed bombs are awesome! Great for gift-giving and nature studies while also serving to exercise the hands.

Objectives: Sensory Integration, Plant Life Lesson, Measurement,Gift-giving or Fund Raising.



Sensory Autumn Art ProjectSensory Autumn Art Project

Sensory Autumn Art Project PDF

Doesn’t the fall just make you want to go out and play with all the beautiful fall leaves? It brings out memories, real or imagined, of running and joyfully jumping into a pile of leaves. This art project gives you a reason to play with leaves.

Objectives: Sensory processing (tactile defensiveness and proprioception), Fine Motor, Science Facts


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