Ancient Egypt Study Unit

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Kids are fascinated with Ancient Egypt. Our book club decided to read The Pharaoh’s Secret by Marissa Moss and explore Ancient Egypt and as we lost ourselves in the pages, discovering an ancient world, we created an Ancient Egypt study unit for children in elementary and middle school that is chock full of engaging activities.

We had so much fun with our Ancient Egypt Study Unit, we want to share it with you.

Free Ancient Egypt Study Unit Activities, Resources and Crafts for Elementary and Middle School Students

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Ancient Egypt Study Unit Activities 


  • Have the students figure out what their names would be in Hieroglyphics.
  • Here is what our name looks like in Hieroglyphics:

Ancient Egypt Study Unit Hieroglyphics Translator

Sports were important to the Ancient Egyptians

  • Have the kids research what sports were popular in Ancient Egypt. 
  • Have a “sports day”, Ancient Egyptians played tug of war and pass the hoop among other sports.

The Rich Symbolism of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Study Unit Pop up book

Make a pop-up book about Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Study Unit Pop Up Book

Ancient Egypt Craft projects

Explore the weather in Egypt

Writing topic ideas for exploring Ancient Egypt

  • Research Egypt and make a brochure of the historical sites in Egypt.
  • Research the climate and do a weather report.
  • Write a story where the main character lives in Ancient Egypt.
  • Research and compare two of the pharaohs.
  • Write a newspaper article about any pharaoh.

Research Ancient  Egyptian food

  • Make one of the recipes.
    We made Basbousa. It’s a semolina cake drenched in syrup.

Play Ancient Egyptian Board games

Read books about Ancient Egypt

Free Ancient Egypt Study Unit Activities, Resources and Crafts for Elementary and Middle School Students


  1. What a fun lesson. I’ve seen a ton of homeschooling lessons on Pinterest but I’ve never seen one on Ancient Egypt!


  2. Egypt was my favourite party of history class in school <3 this brought back so many memories.


  3. My 3 year old would LOVE to learn about Hieroglyphics. She is really into different languages right now, including sign language, so a “picture” language would be awesome to show her too!!


  4. This is awesome. My oldest would love to learn more about ancient Egypt.


  5. Can I just tell you I’m so excited to go beyond colors and shapes with my toddlers?! While I want time to slow down I’m ready for substantial things Mom enjoys learning too 😉


  6. I look forward to doing thing like this with my daughter! But I sure do enjoy the preschool year too!


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