Recycled Shapes Art

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At Mosswood Connections, we love to see how art materials automatically triggers creativity and a desire to be creative. We also like to use recycled items whenever possible. We had a lot of fun finding items to make our make Recycled Shapes Art project. When my son paints I like to give him full creative freedom whenever possible. I also like to use that time to introduce him to new techniques and terminology (brush strokes, pointillism, stippling, collage etc.) I see it as an opportunity to help him add to his creative toolbox and thankfully he is always eager and receptive to learning new techniques.

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Recycled Shapes Art

For today’s artistic adventure we decided to take circular objects and one box lid from the drawer and use them to stamp paint circles and squares on the painted canvas board. A simple project that is suitable for all ages.

Here’s how to Make Recycled Shapes Art!

Supplies for Recycled Shapes Art:

  • Canvas board (poster board)
  • Acrylic Paint in several colors
  • Paint brush
  • Caps, Jars, Cardboard rolls, etc…

Step 1:

Paint the entire surface of your canvas board. Allow it time to dry.

Step 2:

Working with one color at a time, dip the lids, caps and or boxes into the paint and stamp them onto the canvas board. (Keep some paper towels handy so that you can wipe the excess paint off of your stamps before dipping into the next color.)

It’s as simple as that and the results are really nice. This one will definitely be on display on our Art Wall. Have Fun creating your own “Recycled Shapes Art”.

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Recycled Shapes Art

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