Autism Spectrum, Attention Deficit & Sensory Processing


We believe that everything on this website can be applied to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder or Sensory Processing Disorder, but we thought that we would make it easier by highlighting our favorite resources for therapy and at home.

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Autism Spectrum, Attention Deficit, & Sensory Processing Articles and Activities

What is it Like to be Autistic?

The best way to learn more about autism is to hear about what it feels like from the perspective of someone with autism. The author of How to be Human is an exquisite writer who is extremely articulate in explaining how she feels about autism.

More Insights on Autism from Florida Frenz

social skills and autism

Georgia Lyon, shares her story about discovering and defining what it means to her to be autistic. Georgia has just completed her freshman year at college.

Making Sense of Being Autistic

Making Sense of Being Autistic, Teen author writes about her experiences growing up with autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder Information, Resources and Activities Blog Posts

Autism Spectrum Disorder Information, Resources and Activities

Grateful for the View

We spend a lot of time teaching social skills. We find that many of the children that we work with are quite capable academically but continue to struggle with making friends. We don’t expect them to be the most popular kid around but we do want to foster friendships and lasting relationships. We are happy to watch our clients grow into teenagers and adults with healthy social relationships.


Our Tips for Developing Social Skills


Attention Deficit Disorder

Can Your Child Focus and Pay Attention? Strategies and Tips to build focus and attention

Can Your Child Focus and Pay Attention?

We get a lot of questions about how to help children focus, pay attention and stop being distracted. We are not experts on A.D.D. or A.H.D.D., but we do see many of the same issues in the kids that we work with who have autism or learning disabilities, as well as children who simply have busy minds and bodies. Here is a menu of strategies that have helped our own kids and the kids we work with to focus and pay attention.

Sensory Processing Disorder

For us, sensory integration is the cornerstone of all growth and progress. A.S.D., A.D.D. and of course, S.P.D. all are affected by a lack of sensory regulation. Paying attention to the sensory needs of each child is one our keys for building a successful program where the child can make remarkable progress.

Sensory Processing

Sensory Integration Strategies and Tips

There is a great expectation for children to stay on task, practice “quiet sitting” and to control their impulses. In certain situations, these expectations are reasonable but what about the child who either has an overactive system or an under active system? Where ever a child falls on the spectrum they all can benefit from simple strategies and interventions.

VISIT OUR Sensory Regulation Activities PAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Parenting and Working With Children Who Have Special Needs

The Power of Setting an Intention

The Power of Setting an Intention

Have you found the power of setting an intention?

Setting an intention when working or parenting children is key in maximizing growth and the potential each child possesses.


Working with Children on the Autism Spectrum

 Tips for Working with Children on the Autism Spectrum

Many of the things that we do while playing, working or interacting with kids are not activities but are simply ways to encourage and facilitate their success and progress. We would like to share some of the techniques and tools that we use and if you have some that we have forgotten or have not thought of yet please share them with us.

Be sure to check out speech therapist, Beth Harmon’s blog  Sync Up Autism for some fabulous apps for developing speech and communication.
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