Bedtime Bed Box

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Bedtime is a special time. It is a time to cuddle, share secrets and read stories. My daughter would always need to arrange all her favorite “stuffies” around her. She wouldn’t settle until everyone had been arranged just right. Some of her favorite friends asked for their own bed.  One of their favorite places to relax was the Bedtime Bed Box.

Bedtime Bed Box is a place for special friends to sleep and a place to keep treasures. 

Bedtime Bed Box


  • Cardboard box with a lid
  • Fabric scraps
  • Scissors
  • Cotton batting (optional)
  • Trim (optional)
  • Glue- hot glue would work best for this project but we prefer to avoid using the glue gun with kids so we used school glue.
  • Tape (optional)

Bedtime Bed Box Materials

Objectives: Fine Motor, Measuring, Connecting to Literature, Creativity.


  • Read a bedtime book with the child(ren). Two of our current favorites are Don’t Turn the Page! by Rachelle Burke; illustrated by Julie Downing and Cozy Light, Cozy Night by Elisa Kleven. Talk about their favorite bedtime routines.
  • Now it’s time to make the Bedtime Bed Box. Cut a 2 inch strip of fabric that is twice as long as the perimeter of the box. We did not have fabric that was long enough so we used two strips of fabric.
  • Run a line of glue two inches above the bottom of the box. Pleat the fabric to make it look like a bed skirt. Glue down each pleat with a drop of glue at the top of the pleat. This process was great for fine motor but required adult help.
  • Because we used school glue we taped the top of the bed skirt to the box while it was drying.
  • We did not have any cotton batting so we folded some material to make the pillow shape and make the top of the bed soft.

Bedtime Bed Box Instructions

  • Cut a strip of fabric to wrap around the upper half of the bottom of the box and glue on. Measurement will depend on the size of the box.
  • Cut a rectangular piece of fabric to wrap over the lid and the bed stuffing fabric. Wrap like you would wrap a present, pulling tightly as you glue.
  • Allow glue to dry. Fill your bedtime bed box with bedtime treasures.

Bedtime Bed Box Buddy

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