Bird Mobile Craft for Kids

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My mother-in-law has a bird mobile that hangs above the bed that my daughter sleeps in when she visits. My daughter loves that bird mobile so I decided to try create a Bird Mobile Craft for us to make at home.

Bird Mobile Craft for Kids

Materials needed to make a bird mobile:

  • Template
  • Cardboard
  • String
  • Stick
  • Paint (We used white, orange and blue)
  • Scissors
  • Hole Puncher

Instructions on how to make a bird mobile craft:

  1. Print out template and trace onto a piece of cardboard.
  2. Punch holes in the cardboard. We had a hammer set that made it easy for kids to make the holes but you can use a hole punch or a pen to punch through the cardboard.Bird Mobile Instruction
  3. Paint the cardboard. We needed two coats of paint. Allow to dry.
  4. Paint on the beak and the eye.
  5. Cut 4 strings 12 inches long. Cut 3 strings 24 inches long
  6. Thread the 12 inch string through the holes at the edge of the wings  and thread into the holes on the body. Tie and cut off any excess thread.
  7. Take one of the 24 inch strings and tie each end onto the ends of the stick.
  8. Take two of the 24 inch strings and loop over the stick. One length of string on each side of the stick. Take the string and thread through the holes in the middle of the wings and tie.
  9. Ta-Dah! You have your very own Bird Mobile. We are enjoying ours!

Bird Mobile Craft for Kids 2


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  1. My kids always love everything at their Grandmas house! What a fun craft and I am sure she loves having a bird mobile at her house, too!



    1. Thank you for hosting!


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