Now that Halloween is over, do you have lots of candy in the house? More than you can eat? How about more than you should eat? Save some to use for Thanksgiving treats or table decorations. My daughter loved making candy corn turkeys. We soon had a rafter of turkeys in our house. 

Candy Corn Turkeys


They are so easy to make!


  • Candy Corn
  • Cookies or Crackers (We used Nilla Wafers)
  • Frosting (We didn’t have any, so I used peanut butter mixed with a little chocolate syrup.)
  • Random Candy (I used Rollos, M &Ms, Gummies and peanut brittle.)

Spread the frosting on the cookies and add a body. Arrange the candy corn around the body and add eyes and beak, using the frosting as “glue”. If you want them to stand up add a caramel to the back as a stand. 

Use them as table decorations, make them for a party or simply enjoy making and eating them yourself!

The real turkeys thought these are so cool that they came to check them out!


While you are making turkeys you can sing and count!

Or you can do the turkey dance!


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