Fishing Scene Art Project

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While reading the book In a Village By the Sea by  Muon Van, we were so enchanted by the story and the illustrations by April Chu that we were inspired to try to create our own fishing scene art project.

Fishing Scene Origami Boats Water Color Art Project


Target Skills:

Connecting with literature, fine motor skills: hand strength, finger isolation.


Large sheet of paper, glue, paint or watercolors, origami paper


We wanted some of that feeling of movement that April Chu’s illustrations have, Rather than have the kids use ink, (which is an alternative if you do not want to wait for the glue to dry.), we wanted to incorporate some hand strengthening into the art project so we used glue to make the lines of the waves and the clouds in the sky. Allow plenty of time for the glue to dry.

Boat Scene Glue Instructions

Fishing Scene Painting


After the glue has dried have the children paint their sea and sky.

While that is drying the children can make boats to glue onto their pictures.

We wanted to make origami boats to give the children practice in using their fingers by folding paper. It is also a great visual-spatial activity. If origami feels too ambitious you can have the kids cut out boat shapes and glue them on.

Instructions for Origami Boats:

Boat Origami Step 1

Take a square piece of paper of approximate size 6 inches square.

Make a mountain fold in the center as shown in the photo and make a sharp crease in the paper.



Boat Origami Step 2


Fold again to arrive at a square paper fold as shown in the photo.




Boat Origami Step 3Fold diagonally the top flap of the square fold as shown below.





Boat Origami step 4Repeat folding the bottom flap of the square fold to arrive at below triangle Origami fold. Crease well.

Open up the triangle fold as shown and join the top corners to arrive at a square fold.

Open up the square fold by holding the outer flaps and expand to arrive at a cute little Origami Boat!



Boat Origami Step 5Open up the triangle fold as shown and join the top corners to arrive at a square fold.

Open up the square fold by holding the outer flaps and expand to make a little Origami Boat!


If you feel confused by these directions you can watch a video

Once the boat is done, the student is ready to glue it on their painting.

 What a beautiful Fishing Scene Art Project!

Fishing Scene Art Project



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  1. I love folding paper! These look like a simple but fun origami that we might actually have success with!


    1. Thank you, we were inspired by the book.


  2. That is so fun and the boats turned out adorable! I can’t wait to try this at home, as our preschooler just learned how to fold.


    1. Thanks, Megan. It was really fun and I was pleased with how well the boats turned out as origami can be a difficult skill for some kids.


    1. Painting the water scene was calming. The origami but was a little more challenging.


  3. Omg love this!!! What an awesome and creative idea!!! It really is a beautiful fishing scene project 🙂


    1. Thanks! We had fun making it.


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