Nature Treasure Hunt Mandala Scavenger Hunt & Visual Processing Activity

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Being out in nature and creating beauty makes a heart happy. When one can combine nature, beauty and learning it is a bonus. With all the beautiful mandalas being shared I was inspired to take the kids out and create our own. This time making the mandala became a cooperative and visual processing activity.

Nature Treasure Hunt Mandala

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Nature Treasure Hunt Mandala Visual Processing Activity

This visual processing activity involves visual scanning when looking for the nature items, visual figure ground (which means finding shapes and objects in a crowded field of vision) and visual-spatial skills when placing the nature clippings in the mandala pattern.

Target Skills: 

Visual Scanning, Visual-Spatial Processing, Co-operation, Following Directions
Children and Nature

  • Make teams of 2 children per team.
  • Divide the area where the mandala will be made into 4 equal quadrants. You can use sticks or chalk to show the areas.
  • First, have everyone agree on what to place in the center.
  • Give the children directions on what to find: “Go find something purple.” Or “Go find something soft.” The kids should go find the items as a team so they both come back with the same item.
  • When the children return with their items have them take turns placing the item in their quadrant of the mandala.
  • The other child needs to copy the placement on their own quadrant.
  • This is much harder than it sounds as the objects may need to be flipped to properly mirror the other quadrant.

Have Fun!

Nature Treasure Hunt Mandala Scavenger Hunt & Cooperative Vision Game

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  1. I love this idea! It gets kids outside and learning and building a variety of skills. Awesome!


  2. What a fun activity! I love the way the Mandala looks when completed. I can envision a picture of it on a classroom wall.


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