Owl Babies Book Craft and Alphabet Activity

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Owl Babies by Martin Waddell, illustrated by Patrick Benson, is a well-loved children’s picture book that has been popular with the younger set for years. Owl Babies is this week’s featured book at the Virtual Book Club.

Owl Babies Activities

Stop by the Virtual Book Club for more amazing and creative Owl Babies activities.

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We came up with three Owl Babies activities for the kids.

Exploring Feelings

The Owl Babies are engaging and relatable characters for kids. The book is fraught with emotion as the owl babies express their fears and comfort each other. While you read the book you can ask the children about their feelings:

  • Have they ever felt afraid?
  • How do they feel when their parents are away?
  • What helped them feel better?
  • How can you help someone else when they feel worried and afraid?
  • How do the babies feel when their mother comes home?

Act it Out

Add movement with this Owl Babies activity. Have the kids act out perching on a branch. Can they fly like an owl? Can they swoop and soar?

Owl Babies Book Craft and Alphabet Activity

We made Owl Alphabet Bottles. First, make the Owl Babies Bottles and then use them as an Owl Babies activities alphabet game.

Materials for our Owl Babies Alphabet Activity:

Instructions for our Owl Babies Alphabet Activity:

  • Cut out 2 large half circles and 2 smaller half circles for each owl.
  • Cut out 2 circles for the eyes of each owl.
  • Glue the smaller half circle onto the larger half circle. Decorate the half circles with the puffy paint. These will be the wings.
  • Glue the eyes onto the circles that you cut out.

Owl Babies Activities Felt Babies

  • Cut out a small triangle for the beak.
  • While the felt pieces are drying, it’s time to fill the bottles. Using a funnel fill the bottles about halfway with the rice. For more fine motor practice you can have the kids make their own funnel. Add the alphabet letters. Make sure that you have the same letters in all the Owl Babies bottles.


  • Make the body: Place a line of glue dots, mounting tape, or glue on the top half of the bottle.
  • Wrap yarn around the bottle.
  • Adhere the felt pieces to the yarn covered body.

Owl Babies activities.

Owl Babies Alphabet Games

Now it’s time to play with the bottles. You can play it as a matching game. “Mommy owl finds the letter “A”. Can Baby Owl find an “A”?” Have the kids shake the bottles until they find the matching letters. Draw a letter and ask the kids to shake the bottles until they find the matching letter. Have the kids match letters to sounds. “Can you find the letter that says ‘p’ ? (make the “p” sound.) Have them find letters that they see in the book. can they find a “P” for Percy or an “S” for Sarah? You can also use this as an I Spy car game. “I spy a cloud can you find a “c” for cloud?”

The kids will love their alphabet owls and there are endless ways to use them.

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  1. Such a cute craft idea! My older girls would love this. They love anything animal related when it comes to crafts:)


  2. These owls are so cute! My boys love owls and the book sounds really great. I’d love to read them the Owl babies book.


  3. I love it! I’m always looking for new crafts to do with my second grader. Definitely will make this one!


  4. I love this idea. Not only educational but the owls are adorable! I like how it has Rice in it as well. Really fun activity for kids to be able to shake it and find the letters.


  5. The Owl Babies are adorable! What a fun craft. I love the activities you have to go along with the characters.


  6. They are really cute and so easy to make as well. I am going to give them a go but with my older child and put in her high frequency words instead of letters. She will love it.


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