Ripped Paper Art Project

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This deceptively simple Ripped Paper art project involves many skills. The kids will have fun creating art while they learn!

Ripped Paper Art ProjectWe make a lot of craft projects. Sarah enjoys making crafts with her son and we both do quite a few crafts while we are working with children with special needs. We both feel a little guilt about how much paper we use so we save and reuse as much as possible. This Ripped Paper art project uses paper scraps that we saved rather than throwing away or recycling.

Materials for Ripped Paper Art Project:

  • Scrap paper
  • Glue
  • Markers or Crayons
  • Paper (we used the back side of old art projects)

Ripped Paper Art Project

Instructions for Ripped Paper Art Project:

  1. Have the kids rip smaller pieces of the scrap paper. Ripping paper is great pincer finger exercise. You may want to rip some paper to make other shapes. Kids will tend to rip in one direction and mostly get long rectangles.
  2. We used the back side of paper that had been drawn on. Have the kids glue the ripped paper on and add details to make a picture. Have them tell a story about the picture they made. Here is the story that one child told about his picture:

One day a boy wanted to be a super hero. He asked his mom for a cape. She gave him one and he could fly!

Ripped Paper Craft Project

3. Some children will get to a certain level and drawing and  stall. If you have a child who has been creating representative pictures (i.e. a reasonable picture of a person: body, legs, head and arms) but does not add any more details, it is okay to encourage them to draw more. The child who drew the super hero stopped after drawing the boy. The hair was added as an after thought. I wanted this child to expand on the drawing so I said, “Wow! That is a great super hero boy. I wonder what he can he see when he is flying so high.” That’s when the child decided to add the sun and the house.

Ripped Paper Flamingo

4. For young children, have them rip the paper. Draw a simple outline of a figure or scene on a piece of paper and have them glue the ripped paper in the outlines.

Ripped Paper Whale


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  1. The pre-schoolers do ripped paper art projects as part of the curriculum in our school. Everything from valentines, birds and pumpkins can all be “fleshed out” using scrap paper pieces or tissue paperas well. Thanks for a great post!


    1. Thanks for reading, Darlene!


    1. Thank you for hosting Frugal Friday!


  2. Fun and great for nurturing little imaginations! Thanks for linking up to the #familyfrugallinky


  3. What a wonderful idea. My son and I spent many happy hours ripping up old leaflets and glueing to a butterfly shape I had cut from an old cardboard box. Now he is bigger the drawing aspect you involve would be great. Thanks for sharing with the #pinitparty. I have pinned.


    1. Thanks for hosting the #pinitparty!


  4. I just love these kind of projects! They get to be messy, creative, and learn a skill all at one time. Different ages can get different results. Perfect inspiration!! Thanks you!


  5. I love the idea of drawing something from the scraps of paper!! I will have to try this with my little guy.
    Thanks for the fun idea. I’m sure it will be handy for those days when it’s too warm to be outside!


  6. This is such a great idea! I love the idea of using scraps up rather than throwing them away.


    1. Thanks, I just feel guilty. We use a lot of paper working with kids.


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