Fine Motor Activities


Fun Fine Motor Activities that fit just right in the hand of any child!

Fine motor skills are the foundation children need before they learn handwriting skills, in order to have proper pencil grasp and control of a writing instrument.

Fine motor activities to build fine motor skills

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All of our art activities build fine motor skills. Stop by our Arts and Crafts Page for some fabulous fine motor fun!

Help For The Hands

Help for the Hands

A child’s hands are one of their best tools. Building muscles and coordination in these small muscles is an important piece of their development. There are so many ways to encourage children to use their hands, we will go over some of the ideas that we have used with the kids that we enjoy.

Objectives: Hand Strength, Developing the Pincer Grip, Fine Motor

Magnet Stencils: Fine Motor Fun

Magnet Stencils: Coloring Fun!

By putting the magnet stencils on the refrigerator you are literally enticing children to keep busy drawing while you are busy cooking or cleaning. It gives a whole new meaning to the term “Refrigerator Art”.

Objectives: Fine Motor, Pincer Grip, Coloring Skills

Fine Motor Flower Fiesta

Fine Motor Flower Fiesta

Making art and craft projects with the kids is a fabulous way to sneak in skill building while the children have fun creating beauty. We have snuck in a boat load of fine motor skills all in this one art project!

Objectives: Fine Motor, Visual Spatial Awareness, Executive Functioning, Scissor Skills, Pincer Grasp, and Pre-writing Skills.

Spaghetti Wall Fine Motor Scissor Skills

Rainbow Spaghetti Wall

Here is a great way to work on fine motor skills and make great wall art. This activity resulted in a great opportunity to work on bilateral coordination as well as spatial awareness.

Objectives: Fine Motor, Visual Spatial Awareness, Scissor Skills

Upcycled Woven Cloth Basket

 A Tisket a Tasket A Cloth Woven Basket

We love weaving activities. Weaving is a wonderful fine motor activity as well as being a valuable way to strengthen pre-reading skills. The way the eyes track a weaving project mimics the way eyes track words while reading.

Objectives: Fine Motor, Pincer Grip

Chalkboard Crowns for Handwriting PracticeChalk Board Crowns

We gave recycled materials a new life as a fine motor activity with a combination of creativity and a coat of chalkboard paint. This is a great handwriting practice activity for a classroom as the crowns can be re-used.

Objectives: Handwriting, Repurposing items, Creativity

Sticker Art

Sticker Art

This activity is beautifully simple while it works on core skills. Kids love stickers so they are a natural choice for art projects and learning activities.

Objectives: Develop the Pincer Grip, Eye-Hand Coordination, and Visual-Spatial Processing.


Make Your Own Splat Picture: Fine Motor Fun!

Make a Splat

Once upon the time in the Land of Creativity there lived a lonely ink bottle. It sat on the art desk feeling lonely for many days. Until one day an eye dropper came rolling by and they began to talk. . .

Objectives: Fine Motor, Finger Control, Storytelling


Baking Soda ArtBaking Soda Art

Some of the best art supplies can be found in your kitchen cupboard. Not only will this project keep your child busy it also a science project that exercises finger control.

Objectives:Recognizing cause and effect,Fine Motor


Rainbow Cooperative Board GameRainbow Cooperative Game

Rainbows, colors, and cooperation. What could be better? This game has all these things. Use your creativity to add whatever you can imagine.

Objectives: Coloring, Drawing, Turn Taking, Cooperation


Felt BoardFelt Boards

A classic activity that never gets old.

Objectives: Fine Motor, Pretend, Story Telling.


Felt garland fine motor

Felt Garlands

I wish that my grandma had thought of this activity. Paper garlands are fun but these are so much better!

Objectives: Fine Motor, Self Help, Patterning.

Halloween PumpkinHalloween Pumpkin

We like to play, we like to create and we like to spend time outdoors. Whenever you go out with your children take the time to look around, find new things, be curious.

Objectives: Visual Scanning, Observational Skills, Fine Motor and Social Skills.

Sewing Fun is All Done Fine Motor SkillsSewing Fun

We are always looking for ways to make fine motor skills fun and this activity is a lot of fun!

 Objectives: Fine Motor, Patterns, Pre-reading skills




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