Footprints Gross Motor Activity


Motor planning is an important aspect of child development. This Footprints Gross Motor Activity builds motor planning, directionality and tactile discrimination skills. This activity is fun for all kids but it is a really great game for children with Sensory Processing Disorder. Kids with poor body awareness due to sensory issues often have motor planning problems as well. Motor planning is a form of organization. So many kids with SPD have organizational issues, not just organizing body movements with motor planning but also organizing thoughts and ideas, language, time, and possessions. Working on motor planning with gross motor activities can lead to better organizational skills in other areas.


Target Skills:

  • Motor Planning
  • Body Awareness
  • Left/Right directionality
  • Sensory Integration


  • Construction Paper or light weight cardboard
  • Rice, Beans, Sand, Puff Paint, Fabrics, Cotton Balls pulled so they are thin.


  • Cut out paper footprints; you can cut out a variety of colors but it is good to make one set of footprints green for “go” and another set red for “stop”.
  • Glue on rice, beans, sand, cotton balls or fabrics. Or you can use the puff paint.
  • Set the footprints in a path. For children that can easily walk a path make the path more difficult: have them lead through small spaces, up and down objects, close together and farther apart, etc.
  • You could make one path from one material such as the rice, make another path using a different material. Have the differently textured paths lead in different directions.

Extending the activity:

  • Make different colored footprints for different actions. For example: green would mean “go”, red would mean “stop”, blue would mean “hop”, pink could mean small steps and yellow would mean big steps.
  • Blindfold the children and have them follow the right path by feeling the different textures.
  • Or to make the game interactive with peers, blindfold one child and have the other children direct the blindfolded child through the footprint course.
  • Use a drum or tambourine to set a beat. Have the children walk the footprints path to the beat.

Do you have any other ideas?


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