Reading, Writing, and Language Arts Activities


Our Reading, Writing, and Language Arts activities help build language and communication skills. Communication is essential for building social skills, learning new concepts and encouraging creativity and critical thinking skills.


Reading, Writing, and Language Arts Activities

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A Giraffe and a Half Rhyming Kit

A Giraffe and a Half Rhyming Kit

Kids will love exploring rhymes and sound with this printable rhyming kit that we made as a companion to Shel Silverstein’s A Giraffe and a Half.

Objectives: Reading Comprehension, Rhyming

Reading Comprehension Treasure Hunt

Activities to Promote Reading Comprehension

Fun ways to promote reading comprehension and a love of reading. Try the free printable reading game. Even reluctant readers love this activity!

Objectives: Reading Comprehension, Reading Fluency, Critical Thinking Skills


Sensory activity to explore the letter x

X is for Explore! 3 Sensory Activities to Explore the Letter X

The letter “X” can be a difficult letter for kids to learn. We have 3 Sensory Activities to Explore the Letter “X” so you could have your choice on the best way for your children to learn.

Objectives: Letter recognition, Crossing Midline, Handwriting Skills


Busy Box Matching Games

4 DIY Busy Box Matching Games

These printable games are an engaging way to build reading skills. We combined gross motor and oral motor with matching and early reading.

Objectives: Oral Motor, Gross Motor, Language Development, Categories, Pre-Reading Skills, Visual Memory

Vocabulary Games for Elementary Students

Vocabulary Games for Elementary Students

A good vocabulary will help you go far in life. Some people acquire vocabulary easily and innately, for others it comes more slowly. Your kids will have fun learning new vocabulary words with these fun vocabulary activities for kids.

Objectives: Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary Skills


Alphabet Game

Alphabet Game

This Alphabet Game is a great beginning turn taking game for kids, as well as a fun way to help children who are struggling to learn the letters of the alphabet.

Objectives: Letter recognition, Turn taking, Phonics

Five Fun Activities for Teaching Prepositions

 Five Fun Activities for Teaching Prepositions

Some children naturally learn prepositions just by being exposed to them but most children will need some help.  Children will learn best when provided with a variety of ways to learn new skills.

Objectives: Teaching Prepositions

Owl Babies Activities

 Owl Babies Book Craft and Alphabet Activity

Before kids can read they need to know the alphabet. Here is a fun letter recognition activity for you!
Playing with TrainsPlaying With Trains!

Playing With Trains! PDF

Trains seem to hold an enduring fascination over some children. There are many lessons and skills that can be taught at the train table.

Objectives: Flexibility, Sharing, Alphabet Recognition, Sight Words, Numbers


Speech and language gameWhat’s In the House?

What’s In the House? PDF

One young girl colors with abandon, scribbling colors whenever she can. Without her knowing it we also worked on language skills and categories.

Objectives: Oral Motor (optional), Fine Motor Control, Language Development, Categories, Pre-Reading Skills, Visual Memory

Egg Treasure Hunt Games

Egg Treasure Hunt PDF

Enjoy our variations on the traditional egg hunt. This game can be used to teach phonics, rhyming and more!

Objectives: Letter Recognition, Rhyming, Number Correspondence

Ink Blown Art breath support activity

Breath Support Activities

Breath Support Activities PDF

Shallow breathing affects voice and oral motor functions. Breath support exercises will aid in building stamina while doing gross motor activities as well as to act as a centering exercise for anxiety and lack of focus.

Objectives: Breath Support, Sensory Regulation

Drawing For Visualization and Reading Comprehension

Drawing For Visualization PDF

We are always looking for ways to build reading comprehension.

Objectives: Reading Comprehension, Critical Thinking Skills

Nonsense Reading Wacky Words Sight Words Activity

Wacky Words Sight Words Reading Game

Wacky Words PDF

When my son showed that he was ready to learn sight words it seemed that appealing to his sense of humor would be a fun way to get him interested in learning to read sight words.

Objectives: Handwriting and Phonics.

Ridiculous Reading Phonics Game

Ridiculous Reading Phonics Game

Ridiculous Reading Phonics Game PDF

When a child cannot guess what the word says, they have to have some phonics awareness so that they can sound it out.

Objectives: Phonics, handwriting, Turn Taking, Story Telling


More than Fifty Writing Prompts for Kids. Encourage creativity with these writing prompts and story starters. Reluctant writers will be inspired to write!

More than Fifty Writing Prompts for Kids

To encourage children to enjoy writing we have come up with a list of writing prompts. These writing prompts are for students in second grade to eighth grade. For younger students and beginning writers expect a few sentences or more. Older students and more experienced writers should have the goal of writing a page for each writing prompt.

Having Fun Writing Sentences 1


Having Fun Writing Sentences

Once a child is familiar with sight words it is time for them to start to learn to write sentences. We like having fun writing sentences so we came up with some beginning sentence writing games.

Objectives: Handwriting, Sentence Structure

Letter Writing Skills for Kids

Letter Writing for Kids

Letter Writing for Kids PDF

Writing letters is an important skill to teach our children. A well-crafted letter can be a powerful tool. Even in this era of twitter snippets, letters continue to be an effective way to communicate.

Objectives: Letter Writing, Research, Perspective Taking.

Journal Writing for KidsJournal Writing for Kids

Journal Writing for Kids PDF

Journal writing is a useful tool for many teachers and therapists. We use them to explore feelings, to develop writing skills and as a way to help our students express themselves.

Objectives: Self-expression, literacy, Critical Thinking Skills

Whale Research for Kids

Learn to Research!

Learn to Research! PDF

Teach young children how to do research. Acquiring information is an important skill and it is never too early to start.

Objectives: Computer skills, Reading Comprehension, and language skills

 Literary Magazines and Publications Where Children and Teens can Submit Their Writing

Literary Magazines and Publications Where Children and Teens can Submit Their Writing

Is your child an aspiring author? Do they love to write and want to see their work published? Here is a resource for them. There are so many places where kids and teens can submit their work for publishing.

Pre-handwriting and Alphabet Printables

Pre-handwriting and Alphabet Printables

We asked some talented parents, educators, and bloggers for their best Pre-handwriting and Alphabet Printables and they responded with a wealth of learning activities!

Try cooperative writing with your kids. It encourages flexibility, it stretches the imagination, & builds confidence in children who aren’t keen on writing.

Cooperative Writing Activities

There are many reasons to spend time playing cooperative writing games with the kids. It keeps our sessions interactive, it allows me to correct any mistakes as we go, it encourages flexibility, and it stretches the imagination as they have to adjust to the last sentence rather than what they had already imagined for the story. It is also a good way to encourage confidence for those children who aren’t keen on writing.

Letter writing for kids can help develop social skills and bolster self-esteem!

Florida’s Friendship Advice: Letter Writing for Kids

Having special needs can be lonely. To help the kids that we work with feel connected and supported we will set up kids as pen pals and encourage letter writing for kids so they can share their feelings and get some help from a friend.

Reading, Writing, and Language Arts Activities



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