Egg Treasure Hunt Game


This Egg Treasure Hunt game can be played year round.

Children seem to enjoy these bright little orbs filled with surprises anytime. I change the game depending on the child and what concept or skill I want to work on that day.

A bag of plastic eggs may become your go to item for many activities.

Egg Hunt Learning Activity
Target Skills:
(It will depend on what activity you choose)
Alphabet Recognition
Plastic eggs
Small strips of paper
Gross Motor
Stickers or treats
Choose a concept or skill that you want to work on that day.
Write notes about that concept and put them in some of the eggs. In some of the eggs put stickers or treats.
Hide the eggs.
There are two different methods that you can use:
Either have the children find one egg and then open it and either collect their treat or do the activity. Then repeat until all the eggs are found. Or you can have them find all the eggs first and then open them all together and then do the activities they find in their eggs.
Activity Suggestions:
Write a number on a piece of paper. When the egg is opened and the number is revealed have the child jump (hop like a rabbit) to correspond with the number they found.
Alphabet Recognition:
Write letters on the strip of paper. When the egg is opened and the letter is revealed either have the child find something or say something that starts with that letter.
Rhyme Time:
Write simple words on the strip of paper. Ask the child to rhyme the word.
Write the name of animals on the strip of paper, have the child act out that animal.
Write or draw simple faces to express emotions. Have the children act out the emotion.
Gross Motor:
Write different motor exercises (Jump, March, etc.) on the strip of paper. Then have fun doing the motor activity.
These are some of our ideas, what are some of your ideas?
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