Art and Craft Projects for Kids


Art & Craft Projects for Kids are a great way to develop core skills while having fun!

50+ Art and Craft Activities for Kids of All Ages #Artsand Crafts #CraftsforKids #ArtProjects #FineMotor #Upcycled

“Art creates direct observational skills, learning to see more closely than ordinary looking, and seeing things that otherwise might not be seen.”

Enjoy our Art and Craft Activities with your kids at home and at school!

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Upcycled Woven Cloth Basket

A Tiskit a Tasket a Cloth Woven Basket

Weaving is a wonderful fine motor activity as well as being a valuable way to strengthen pre-reading skills. The way the eyes track a weaving project mimics the way eyes track words while reading. This weaving project also uses upcycled fabric and makes an awesome gift!

Objectives: Fine Motor, Visual Tracking (Pre-Reading Skill), Perspective Taking (Thinking of Others)

Fun with Science in Art

Fun with Art and Science

Kids will love exploring how different materials react together with this art project that combines art and science in a creative way.

Objectives: Fine Motor, Exploring Science, Creativity

Flower Seed Packets

Garden of Love and Flowers

Make a flower seed packet craft for the children to give as presents and as a way to celebrate Earth Day and Spring. Or plant them yourselves and explore plant science.

Objectives: Fine Motor, Plant Science, Perspective Taking (Thinking of Others)

Cardboard Roll Bird Craft An art project and a cooperative game.

A Bird Game and Bird Craft

Combine making a bird craft and playing a cooperative game. Printable game spinner and template. You will have fun playing and then enjoy decorating your yard with these adorable birds.

Objectives: Creativity, Fine Motor, Cooperation and Turn-Taking, Following Directions

Texture Paints Art Process Activity

Exploring Paint and Textures

This sensory art project is a creative way to explore paint and textures.

Objectives: Creativity, Fine Motor, Sensory Processing Skills, Following Directions

Mixed Media Art Project

 Mixed Media Art Project

This Mixed Media art project was created by experimenting with paint on paper and playing with mixed materials. We think the results are beautiful but the process was the most valuable part of the whole project.

Objectives: Creativity, Fine Motor, Observational Skills, Following Directions

Owl Art Project

Exploring Owls Art Project

We have been having fun exploring owls and creating an owl art project. Who doesn’t like owls after all?

Objectives: Cutting, Fine Motor, Creativity

Crumpled Creations Upcycled Craft for Kids

Crumpled Creations

Put all those scraps of paper to good use. First, crumple them up and then create art!

Objectives: Creativity, Fine Motor, Hand Strength, Emotional Regulation

Nature Number Art rocks 5 and 6 art and craft project

Nature Number Art Challenge

Take our Nature Number Art Challenge and see what art your kids can create with natural objects. We love being out in nature and we have a lot of fun doing art and craft projects so why not do both while learning.

Objectives: Thinking creatively, Visual-spatial skills, Number correspondence.

More Art and Craft Activities

Upcycled Flower Pot

Upcycled Flower Pots

Our Upcycled Flower Pots were more of an exercise in process art than an attempt to make super perfect flower pots. It is a wonderful sensory experience that teaches children that they can turn an ordinary object into an extraordinary one.

Objectives: Creativity, Fine Motor, Sensory

DIY Treasure Candles

DIY Treasure Candles

As the candle burns, treasures and charms reveal themselves. The anticipation of finding the treasures was usually more fun than the treasures themselves

Objectives: Fine Motor, Creativity, Perspective Taking (Thinking of Others)

Recycled Shapes Art; A Process Art Activity for Kids Painting

Recycled Shapes Art and Craft Project

Explore shapes and art with this simple, yet creative art project.

Objectives: Creativity, Fine Motor, Exploring Shapes

3-D Bird Mobile Craft for Kids
Bird Mobile Craft for Kids

My mother-in-law has a bird mobile that hangs above the bed that my daughter sleeps in when she visits. My daughter loves that bird mobile so I decided to try to create a Bird Mobile Craft for us to make at home.

Objectives: Creativity, Fine Motor, Tying Knots

Co-operative Shapes and Colors Paintings

Cooperative Shapes and Colors Painting

Kids learn about shapes, colors & co-operating with this easy Co-operative Shapes and Colors Painting art project for kids.

Objectives: Creativity, Fine Motor, Working Cooperatively

Decorative Gift Jar Lid Art ActivityDecorative Gift Jars

We love making Decorated Gift Jars for so many reasons. Anytime that we can hang out with kids joyfully creating and learning is a happy time for us. The bonus at the end of this craft project is that the children will have a beautiful present for someone in their life.

Objectives: Fine Motor, Creativity, Perspective Taking (Thinking of Others)

Paper Mache Plates

Paper Mache Plates

Paper Mache Plates PDF

Homemade paper plates are a great gift. Making paper mache plates is an ooey gooey sensory experience for the hands. Press some love into the paper as you make it for someone in your life.

Objectives: Creativity, Fine Motor, Gift Giving, Sensory

Stained Glass Art Activity

Stained Glass Art Activity

This simple cooperative stained glass art activity is fun for both parent and child and the results are beautiful. We made ours into Halloween decorations but you can use this technique year round.

Objectives: Creativity, Fine Motor

Easy DIY Candle Decoration

Easy Candle Decoration

Many winter holidays use candles in their celebrations. Personalizing the candles for your table or for gifts can make the holiday even more special. This technique for candle decoration is quick and easy.

Objectives: Creativity, Fine Motor, Gift Giving

Autumn Leaf Hats; A Simple Craft for Kids

Autumn Leaf Hats

Make some Autumn Leaf Hats with the little ones in your life!

This simple art project will delight the children while you use child labor to gather the leaves from your garden.

Objectives: Creativity, Fine Motor


Balloon Painting; A Sensory Art ExperienceBalloon Painting

Balloon painting is a fun way to get kids involved in creating art.
By using balloons you have a fun way to apply paint that can make some beautiful textures and patterns.

Objectives: Creativity, Fine Motor


WineCraft Art Project using recycled itemsWineCraft Art Project

WineCraft Art Project PDF

WineCraft is our way of taking a child’s interest in Minecraft and turning it into an art project.

Objectives: Observational Skills, Fine Motor (pincer fingers, finger strength)



forest wreathForest Wreath

Forest Wreath PDF

Anytime that we can combine nature, art and skill building we feel happy. This is a simple project that kids can be proud to hang on the wall to enjoy for many years.

Objectives: Observational Skills, Fine Motor (pincer fingers, finger strength), Crossing Midline

 Shell Critters Craft project

Shell Critters

Creating art out of found objects is fun and teaches children to see things creatively. A shell is just a shell until you turn it into something else. When a child takes an object and imagines turning it into something else this is an early pretend skill that builds the basis for critical thinking skills later in life.
Objectives: Fine Motor, Creativity

Fabric Bowls

Fabric Bowls

Fabric Bowls PDF

We love this project! We use it in therapy and at home with our own kids. It makes great mother and grandparents gifts while making good use of those extra fabric scraps.

Objectives: Fine Motor, Sensory Integration

Tissue Paper Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms PDF

When you take a cherry blossom from a tree you are taking away the fruit that will come and the blossoms quickly drop off leaving nothing but a stick behind. So rather than picking the blossoms, we made our own.


Bacon and Egg Edible Art Snack

Edible Art

Edible Art PDF

Who says that you should not play with your food? Not us! We love coming up with fun snack ideas and using our imagination.

Objectives; Fine Motor, Pretend

Puzzle Pins Art Project: A DIY Gift Made With Recycled Items

Puzzle Pins

Puzzle Pins PDF

This is a simple, fun art project that reuses old puzzles and transforms them into beautiful jewelry.

Objectives: Creativity, Fine Motor, Gift Giving


tissue paper water color

Tissue Paper Water Color

Tissue Paper Water Color PDF

On those days, when the little one looks up and says, “Let’s do an art project,” my heart is happy and I am ready to pull out the art supplies and get creative. Here is a simple art project that will make your heart happy, too.

Objectives: Fine Motor, Sensory Integration


Make Me a Salad Please; A Simple Fine Motor ActivityMake a Salad

Make a Salad PDF

Here is a simple but fun activity to encourage creativity while encouraging healthy food choices. This activity is great for home, school or therapy sessions.

Objectives: Fine Motor, Creativity.

natureweavingNature Weaving

Nature Weaving PDF

Memories are made in the garden, on those sunny days spent exploring and creating. One of the joys of play is how much we can teach and learn while connecting with each and our environment.

Objectives: Connect with Nature, Fine Motor, Visual Tracking

Nature Print EggsNature Print Eggs

Nature Print Eggs PDF

Collect some cuttings from the garden, make some vegetable dye and have fun making these beautiful eggs.

Objectives: Creativity, Fine Motor, Connect with nature.


DIY Rainbow CrayonsRainbow Crayons

Rainbow Crayons PDF

How many old crayons do you have around the house? Do you ever worry that they are feeling sad and ignored? You can give them new life with this project.


 Objectives: Fine Motor

Kid-Made Mice Christmas Ornaments

Kid-Made Mice Ornaments

These kid-made mice ornaments will liven up the Christmas tree, you can give them as stocking stuffers or use them to dress up a package. Make them in different sizes for a cute mouse family.

Objectives: Fine Motor, Gift Gifting, Spatial Relationships

 Make a Town Out of Boxes Gratitude is the Seed to Happiness

 Make Your Own Parcel Town

Empty shipping boxes had begun to pile up in the garage. At one point they began to resemble a small city and this is where the idea for Parcel Town. This is a great activity for a preschool or a playgroup.

Objectives: Fine Motor, Perspective Taking, Creativity

Rock Art Project Using Melted Crayons

Rock Art Project

Rock Art Project PDF

…they took the rock home, washed it and put it into the oven to warm while the boy got his crayons, put on his mittens, and waited. When the rock was nice and warm and cozy it was ready for the boy. The boy took his crayons and created color and beauty.


Objectives: Fine Motor, Gift Giving


Easy-Tie-Dye-T-Shirt Collage

Easy Tie Dye T-Shirts

Easy Tie Dye T-Shirts PDF

A classic activity that’s a fun way to build social connections with a group of kids and they get an awesome t-shirt, too!

Objectives: Shared enjoyment and Fine Motor.


Egg Shell Rainbow

Egg Art

Egg Art Pdf

This art project is a great way to re-use your egg shells!

Objectives: Sensory processing, Hand-eye coordination, Following directions and Color recognition  


It is Simply a Box

It is Simply a Box PDF

An activity to help children see how there may be many parts that make up a whole and that to make a whole picture you need to add details.

Objectives: Recognizing details, Visual-Spatial Awareness, Pretend and Fine Motor


Fingerprint Charms make Awesome Homemade Jewelry and Gifts

Make Your Own Charms

Kids like to make their own gifts for people and don’t we all enjoy the thought of a homemade gift? This is an absolutely charming activity.

Objectives: Perspective Taking, Gift Giving, Fine Motor, Sensory


Art Museum Activities for Kids

Museum Activity

A wonderful way to get your kids to enjoy a visit to a museum.

Objectives: Build observational skills, Recognize different aspects of art and to Draw or write about the art.


Nature Art Activities

Nature Art

Nature Art PDF Spending time out in nature with children is one of the greatest joys in life. This is not so much of an activity as an encouragement to go out and explore nature where ever and whenever you can



Paperclip Painting Art Project; Painting with Found Objects

Paper Clip Painting

Paper Clip Painting PDF

An unexpected activity for using unusual items to paint a picture. This is one way to demonstrate how something unexpected can be fun.

Objectives: Fine Motor, Flexibility, Visual Spatial Skills, Visual Scanning, and Creativity.

Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt Dough Ornaments PDF


These salt dough ornaments are easy to make. Mixing the dough is great sensory play which can be enhanced by adding fragrance. Your family will treasure these beautiful decorations.

Objectives: Perspective Taking, Fine Motor, Gift Giving

T-Shirt Stencil Decorating Activity

T-Shirt Stencils

This activity is especially good for the holidays.

Objectives: Cutting, Drawing, and Painting.

Upcycled Nuts and Bolts Heart Valentine

Upcycled Nuts and Bolts Heart Craft

This upcycled nuts and bolts heart craft will put to good use those random nuts and bolts that you have in your garage. They make a great gift for parents and grandparents.

Objectives: Perspective Taking, Fine Motor, Gift Giving

Exploring Nebulae Art and Craft Activities

Nebula Art

This Art Project is fun and simple way for kids to explore nebulae. Use glue and watercolor to create a cool effect.

Objectives: Creativity, Fine Motor

You can find more than 500 Kids Arts and Crafts Activities at the Artful Parent.

Pelican Paper Plate Craft Project Art and Craft Activities

Pelican Paper Plate Craft

While exploring the beautiful state of Louisiana and when we discovered that pelicans are the state bird we were inspired to make a Pelican Plate Craft Project.

Objectives: Scissor Skills, Fine Motor, Following Directions

Bedtime Bed Box Buddy

Bedtime Bed Treasure Box

A Bedtime Bed Box is a place for special friends to sleep and a place to keep treasures. 

Objectives: Scissor Skills, Fine Motor, Following Directions

Fishing Scene Origami Boats Water Color Art and Craft Activities

Fishing Scene Water Color & Origami

A mixed media art project involving glue, watercolor, and origami.

Objectives: Paper Folding Skills, Fine Motor, Following Directions

Art and Craft Projects for Kids. Art and craft activities build observational skills, fine motor, visual spatial, creativity and critical thinking all while the kids create art.



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