Auditory Processing Activities


Enhancing Auditory Processing skills is an integral part of learning and skill building. Our Auditory Processing Activities are play-based and easy to implement.

Our Auditory Processing Activities are play-based and easy to implement.

Does your child have auditory processing disorder? Or are you looking for fun games to help them learn to listen? Either way, we have some fun and easy auditory processing activities and games for you.

Be All Ears Bean Bag Toss Auditory Processing & Listening to Directions Activity

Be All Ears Auditory Processing Activity

Kids love playing with bean bags. Why not turn it into a listening game? The kids have a whole lot of fun tossing bean bags, they won’t even notice they are learning listening skills as they play!

Junk Jam Auditory Processing Activities

Junk Jam Music Game

Junk Jam Music Game PDF

Let the kids tap and drum to explore the different sounds. Once the bottles were hung up the ideas for games and Auditory Processing Activities just kept coming. Try this in your yard or school and see what games make your heart sing.

Objectives: Auditory Discrimination, Pitch, and Volume, Patterning

Back to Back and Ear to Ear; a Language and Listening Game Square

Back to back & Ear to Ear

One of the best things about this game is the cooperative aspect. Pair two kids together and give them the chance to be both the “teacher” and the one who follows directions.

Auditory Hide and Seek Kids practice listening skills while they play!Auditory Hide and Seek

Auditory Hide and Seek PDF

Most of us played hide and seek when we were children and just about all children know the game. Try playing this version to build auditory processing skills.

Objectives: Auditory Processing, Object permanence, Turn taking, Patience, Critical thinking.



Do As I Say, Not As I Do A Following Directions GameDo As I Say, Not As I Do

Do as I Say, Not as I Do PDF

The idea of the game is to teach the child to listen rather than relying on visual cues. It’s a tricky and hilarious game, give it a try!

Objectives: Auditory Processing and Following directions.


Find the Cell Phone a Listening Game

Find the Cell Phone

Find the Cell Phone PDF

A game that exercises listening skills while still being engaging for the child. 

Objectives: Auditory Processing, Shared enjoyment, Reasoning, and Logic.


Make Me a Pizza, Please! An Auditory Sequencing Game

Make Me a Pizza, Please!

Make Me a Pizza, Please! PDF

How will Penelope get her pizza? She will have to make a pizza for herself. Unfortunately, Penelope does not know how to make a pizza so she needs help. Can you make a pizza for Penelope, please?

Objectives: Auditory Processing, Sequencing.

Auditory Processing Activities

Tell Me What I Said

Tell Me What I Said PDF

An auditory processing activity for when you are driving in a car. A fun storytelling game that works on auditory recall and understanding.

Objectives: Auditory Processing, Comprehension, and Attention.

Auditory Processing Activities

More Auditory Processing Activities for you:




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