Math Activities


Math can be fun and these math activities are designed to be fun while building math skills

Nature Number Art Challenge math activities

Nature Number Art Challenge

We love art, learning and spending time out in nature so why not combine the three? Take our Nature Number Art Challenge and see what art your kids can create with natural objects.

Objectives: Counting, Number Correspondence

Teaching Coin Recognition and Coin Value

Teaching Coin Recognition and Coin Value

Teaching Coin Recognition and Coin Value for children in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade can be tricky.  We have some activities that the kids will  love and will make learning about coins so much easier!

Objectives: Coin recognition, Coin Value, Addition


Math activities for kids

Building a House of Cards: Construction Countdown

Construct structures with cards while playing some fun counting games.

Objectives: Strategy, Counting, Designing



Math Caps Math Facts Game math activitiesMath Caps – A Fun Math Facts Game

Math Caps – A Fun Math Facts Game PDF

I was collecting bottle caps, for some yet to be determined projectu, when I started to think about going “back to school”. Then this activity danced right in and took a bow. I tried it out and realized that I had a winner – a fun way to practice math facts

Objectives: Numeral Recognition, Math Facts

Card Games for Learning Math Facts

Card Games for Learning Math Facts

Card Games for Learning Math Facts PDF

Whenever I think of playing cards I get nostalgic. My grandparents were big on playing games, particularly card games and most often card games that they thought would teach us higher order thinking skills. Now that I am grown I also use cards to make a game out of learning math facts. My go to games are “War” (with a twist) and Casino.

Couponing For KidsCouponing for Kids

Try extreme couponing by our rules.

Objectives: Math, money skills, adding, subtracting, multiplying, Fine motor, Reading, Social Awareness and Nutrition.




math flashcards

Get It, Got It, Good! Math Facts Game

Get it, Got it, Good! Math Facts Game PDF

Learning math facts and timed tests can be stressful for some kids. This activity takes the stress away while it works on responding quickly.

Objectives:; Math Facts, Build quicker response time



Skip CountingSkip Counting

An enjoyable way to incorporate gross motor with math skills.

Objective: Early math skills 




True Aim Math GameTrue Aim Math Game for math facts

True Aim Math Game PDF

This game is so fun that the kids will not even know that they are learning while playing.

Objectives: Number Recognition, Counting, Math Facts







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