20 Fun and Healthy Snacks That Will Put a Smile on Kids’ Faces

You will love these kid-friendly, healthy snacks. Toss out the junk food and start making snack time fun again! All of these fun and healthy snacks will put a smile on your kids’ face and you will feel satisfied knowing they are getting the nutrition they need.

20 Fun and Healthy Snacks That Will Put a Smile on Kids' Faces

Fun and Healthy Snacks That Will Put a Smile on Kids’ Faces

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We do a lot of play dates with the kids and we are always looking for healthy snacks to serve them after all, no wants to have a bunch of hungry kids trying to play peacefully. We have some ideas but we went looking for more and discovered a treasure trove of fun and healthy snacks that the kids will love to make and eat.

On one Cooking Playdate, we made Caprese Salad on a Stick and Apple Almond Butter Moons. 

Cooking Playdate; Kid Friendly Recipes Perfect for Your Next Playdate

An easy way to get the kids to have fun eating healthy food is to put it on a stick. This snack is not only healthy it’s a great party time snack!

Fruit Swords and Magic Wands

fruit swords and magic wands

If your child likes to gobble up chips (one of my weaknesses) then give this snack a try. These homemade low carb tortilla chips are extra crispy, with your typical tortilla chip seasonings. They’re the perfect vehicle for guacamole or your favorite salsa! 

Low Carb Tortilla Chips (Keto, Gluten-Free)

Lo Carb Chips

This snack is seriously delicious and it has no sugar! What could be better?

You can prepare these yummy Chocolate Covered Coconut Bars in no time and they taste a lot like the well-known Bounty bars.


Summertime means popsicles for the kids. Really it’s a rite of passage. This version has some sugar but less than the store-bought versions and the kids think it’s magical when they make the Popsicle themselves.

These Homemade Raspberry Vanilla Pudding Pops are better than store bought!

These Homemade Raspberry Vanilla Pudding Pops are better than store bought!

If you are looking for a Popsicle with zero refined sugar then you will love this kid-friendly recipe!

These Creamy Chocolate Avocado Popsicles are the perfect treat for the summer cravings that you can enjoy without ever feeling guilty

Creamy Chocolate Avocado Popsicles

This snack is more of a creative way to get kids to enjoy healthier food options than a recipe. Kids do love it when we are creative. 

How to Get Kids Excited about Healthy Snacks


We like food that makes the kids smile and this healthy treat will certainly do just that!

Healthy Snowman Snack

Healthy After School Snack Ideas

Kids love cookies and we believe that they should be able to have them. This version is gluten-free and healthier than most cookies so it’s a winner when it comes to fun and healthy snacks for kids!

These Oatmeal Banana Cookies are a great go-to to healthy cookies for kids.

These oatmeal banana cookies are our go to healthy cookies for kids.

This snack seems as decadently rich and sweet as a candy bar but it’s actually healthy! The best part is that you can add or change the ingredients depending on what fruit is available in your area.

Delicious Frozen Granola and Fruit Bark

Frozen Yogurt Bark Recipe

I am always looking for snacks that are easy to grab and go. Mini pancakes are always a popular snack with the younger set.

Give these yummy 5 ingredient pineapple pikelets a try. The kids will love them and so will you!

5 ingredient pineapple pikelets Fun and healthy Snacks for Kids

When we are cooking with the kids it is always a bonus when the cooking activity is also a fun sensory experience.

These Cranberry Breakfast Bites are fun to make and the kids will love to eat them, too!

Cranberry Bliss Bites-Fun and Healthy Snacks

My parents have a plum tree that offers up a bounty of plums every summer, some of the plums are given to the food bank but that still leaves a lot of plums to eat.

So I was excited to find this recipe for easy homemade plum fruit rollups.

Easy Plum Fruit Roll ups Fun and Healthy Snacks for Kids

Fruit roll-ups are a fun and easy snack that’s perfect to pack in a lunch box. Here is another kid-friendly healthy version of a homemade fruit roll up.

Berry Banana Homemade Fruit Roll Ups – A Simple Healthy DIY Snack

Homemade Fruit Roll ups

Getting the kids involved in making their own snacks is a good way to get them excited about healthy eating. We are always looking for healthier versions of their favorite treats to bake together and we found an awesome recipe.

The kids will love to make this Apple Muffin Recipe!

Apple Muffin Recipe Fun and Healthy Snacks for Kids

Ice cream is a favorite treat for many of us but it’s not the healthiest snack option. You can get the same delicious results with healthier ingredients.

We were so happy to find this easy, delicious and healthy frozen yogurt recipe for kids! 

Easy and Healthy Frozen Yogurt

Food art makes my heart happy. It’s fun to make and it puts a smile on any child’s face.

We love celebrating spring year round and what better way to do it with some cute spring-themed fun and healthy snacks?

Fun and Healthy Spring-Themed Snacks for Kids

Strawberries are a favorite of kids. Add in a few chocolate chips and some creativity and you have an adorable snack.

The kids will have fun building Bugs Your Kids Can Eat!

Edible Ladybugs Fun and Healthy Snack for Kids

Kids are always eager to get their snacks when they look like a toy.

Why not go with a transportation theme with these simple, yet fun Apple Cars?

Apple Cars Fun and Healthy Snack for Kids

We are cheating a bit with this last snack as it has sugar and fat. You can make the gluten-free version and use a sugar substitute. It would be fun to make one of the fruit roll-up recipes to use as the bacon.

Edible Art: Bacon and Eggs

Bacon and Egg Edible Art Snack

You will love these kid-friendly, healthy snacks Toss out the junk food and start making snack time fun again! will put a smile on your kids Fun and Healthy Snack for Kids


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