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Sensory Integration Strategies and Tips

Sensory Processing


At first, we were a little surprised that this post made the number one spot but then we thought about it and we understood why this topic may appeal to so many people. Over the years of parenting and working with children with special needs we have had experience with children who have a variety of learning differences and special needs. One trait that most of them share is some form of sensory integration differences. Whether the child is tacticily defensive, has attention deficit disorder, autism, learning disabilities or a rare genetic disorder, we find some aspect of sensory processing affecting their performance. We hope that with some understanding and by providing some tools to address sensory integration children will benefit and thrive in their environments.

Thank you to all the readers who stopped by to read about this important topic. We hope that the information we provide helps you on your journey of parenting, teaching or providing therapy for the children in your lives.

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