We were invited to participate in the Blogland Tour by Ann Goodrich-Bazan of Such a Mama.

It is an opportunity to answer questions about how and why we blog to learn a little bit more about other bloggers! There are all kinds of bloggers participating, but the questions are a little bit slanted to DIYers. So we thought we add some education and craftiness to the mix.

Such a Mama
Ann is a working mom with something to say. She is living the dream – one boy, one girl, a cute house with lots of projects, lots of gardens and lots of love! Check out her Garden page- you will get serious flower envy after looking at her beautiful pictures of her garden.

Now on to the Blogland Tour questions:

What are we working on right now?

Sarah an I are at two different stages of our lives right now – my daughter is grown, her son is still young so we are getting ready to go back to school in different ways. Sarah is preparing the school supplies and buying the school uniforms while squeezing in the last bit of summer fun with her boy.

S and L at the beach

I am getting ready to go back to school by scheduling my clients, contacting the school districts and planning the individualized program goals and curriculum for the clients with whom I will be working with this year.

Of course, both of us are continuing to work on writing up more of our awesome ideas to add to our website.

How does our work differ from others?

Sarah and I work with children who have special needs, mostly children with autism. Both Sarah and I get easily bored by doing the same activities over and over again. So we really enjoy coming up with new activities or tweaking old favorites into something new to work on skill building. Our work is based on learning through play and positive reinforcement. We also take great pride in finding just the right way to reach all of the kids we know by tapping into their interests and building from there. It is truly a joy to watch the children that we work with improve and become motivated to learn.

Robot Postcard

Why do we write/create what I do?

We started our website to make our activities and ideas available for other parents and educators of children with special needs.

How does your writing/creative process work?

Because Sarah and I have worked together for awhile now our writing pretty much mirrors the way we work. One of us will call the other to ask for ideas on an activity to work on a particular skill, either for our own children or for a child we are working with. As we chat the ideas start to flow. An example of this would be our popular post Therapy in Disguise.

Ball Tracking 4

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I am a stay-at-home-mom to a toddler boy who is the joy to my world (along with my husband of course). Before I became a mom I worked in the advertising industry for 8 years doing both selling and buying advertising. I absolutely love being a mom and seeing what each day brings to my family. One might say I have fully embraced being a mother as I am now crafty, cook every meal, shop around for the best deals, and have a ton of stories to tell about my adventures with my family. I decided to start this blog so that I could share all of those things.

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