We are crazy about balloons. They are inexpensive, kids love them and the ideas on ways to use them are endless. These balloon activities incorporate gross motor, fine motor, visual processing and social-emotional skills while children think they are “just playing”. You can even use balloons to learn about colors, numbers, storytelling, and science. The possibilities of active learning will have the kids laughing as they learn! Before you play, you may want to learn more about the history of party balloons. It’s pretty interesting.

Here are Some of Our Favorite Fun Learning Activities with Balloons!

A Bunch of Balloon Activities; Fun learning games with balloons

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Squishy Squashy Sensory Balloons

These Squishy Squashy Balloons are one of my most popular toys with the kids. We step on them, throw them, balance them on our heads and use them as fidgets. Squishy Squashy balloons are easy to make and fun to play with!

Squishy Squashy Balloon Games 01

You can get the kids excited about counting with Activity Mom’s Balloon Counting Game!

  • Use Dice (one of our other favorite toys for learning) to teach the kids’ number recognition with this active learning balloon game from Activity Village!
  • Get the kids excited about storytelling with a balloon story starter game from A Mom with a Lesson Plan. It will help children who feel nervous or reluctant about making up their own stories and the results can be pretty silly.

A BUNCH OF BALLOON ACTIVITIES Fun Learning Games with Balloons!

Balloon Painting

Balloon painting is a fun way to get kids involved in creating art.
By using balloons, you have a fun way to apply paint that can make some beautiful textures and patterns. This activity is great for building hand strength and fine motor skills.

Balloon Painting; A Sensory Art Experience

Pendulum Water Blast; a delightful visual tracking game!

This is a super fun game to help develop gross motor and vision skills. Once kids start playing this game they won’t want to stop! Get ready for spring training while having a blast.

Objectives: Visual tracking, Eye-Hand Coordination, Upper body strength, Visual Processing.

Pendulum Water Blast; Develop Visual Tracking Skills Through Play

Why not use balloons to learn about science?

Balloon Pass: A Tactile Sensory Processing and Directionality Activity

Here is a fun tactile sensory processing activity that works on directionality and tactile discrimination. It is a fun game where the children have to think quickly, pay attention and respond to what they feel or hear. Gather a group of children, put on some music, fill up a few balloons and let the learning begin! 

Balloon Pass A Tactile Sensory Processing and Directionality Activity

Balloon People Help Children Learn about Feelings.

Use balloons to help children develop emotional intelligence. These balloon people help children explore and identify their emotions in a fun and playful way. Don’t be surprised if a tribe of balloon people invades your house.

Objectives: Emotional Awareness, Identifying feelings, Fine motor

Balloon People Social Skills Activities to Help Children Explore Their Feelings

A BUNCH OF BALLOON ACTIVITIES Fun Learning Games with Balloons

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