Once a child is familiar with phonics and sight words it is time for them to start to learn about writing sentences. We offer a variety of sentence games for kids to teach them how to write in creative ways. These games help build language arts skills. We like having fun while we learn so when it was time to teach about writing sentences we came up with some games to teach the kids how to build sentences.

Having Fun Writing Sentences

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Having Fun Writing Sentences: Games that Teach Parts of Speech and Beginning Sentences

First, make sure that the student understands the basic parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives and conjunctions. This game teaches the children about combining nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

Say it Fast: Practicing Parts of Speech

We play “Say it Fast” to work on parts of speech like verbs, adjectives, and verbs as well as encouraging a prompt response time. This game works for a variety of ages and skill levels.

Instructions for Say it Fast Parts of Speech Game:

  • I don’t mind writing on my hands so I write either “noun” and “adjective” or “noun” and “verb” onto the palms of my hands.
  • If you don’t want to write on your hands you can write it on a piece of paper.
  • Have the students stand on one side of the room and you stand on the other.
  • The object of the game is for them to walk to you to win the game.
  • They get to take one step for each correct answer.
  • When you hold up one hand with “noun”, “adjective” or “verb written on the palm or on a piece of paper, the student has to come up with a word that matches before you lower your hand.
  • If you hold up both hands they need to put two words together.

Example 1: You hold up “noun”, the child says “cat” before you lower your hand; the child takes one step forward.

Example 2: You hold up “noun” and “verb”, the child says, “boy runs”; the child takes a step forward.

Adjust the speed of how long you hold up your hands to the skill level of the child. If they get them correct all the time give less time to respond. If they are struggling, give the child a bit more time. This game really works well for helping a child improve their response time. I make the rule that they can use a color word just once in response to the adjective. I also make the rule that they have to come up with a new word each time.

We found some more activities for learning parts of speech to play with the kids and they all love to do Printable Mad Libs.


Games that Teach Parts of Speech and Beginning Sentences: Having Fun Learning to Write Sentences

Visual Sentence Writing Game

Now it is time to start writing sentences! We have been having fun with our Visual Sentence Writing Game. We like to add in movement whenever we can so first we spread out a bunch of parts of speech cards all over the floor. If you don’t have these cards, they are easy enough to write on 3 x 5 cards. As you can see, our young friend needed to move before sitting down to write.

Visual Sentence Writing Silliness

Then have the child throw a ball, stuffed animal or bean bags onto the cards. Whatever card that the object lands on is the word the child gets.

Visual Sentence Writing Ball


Repeat this until the child has a choice of 5 or 6 words. Have the students take the cards to a desk or table and choose the cards they want to make their sentence.

Visual Sentence Writing Instructions

Have the child copy the words from the cards. As they complete copying a word have them turn the card over. We recommend large lined paper for writing. The child that was doing this activity did not want to use the lined paper so we let the child have that choice this time.

Visual Sentence Writing Example

Once the sentence is completely written, have the child draw a picture about the sentence they just wrote. We sure were having fun writing sentences!

Having Fun Writing Sentences 1

More resources for having fun writing sentences:

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Sentence Spinner Worksheet

Silly Sentence Maker

Progression in Writing: Sentence Structure 5-7 Years

Sentence Writing

You should also give our Wacky Words Sight Word Reading Game a try. It’s another fun way for the kids to learn about sentences and sight words.

Having Fun Writing Sentences: Games that Teach Parts of Speech and Beginning Sentences

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