In a Village by the Sea is a beautiful book by debut author Muon Van and richly illustrated by April Chu.  It lends itself to creating picture book activities. The story is familiar and yet exotic at the same time. Children will delight in getting a peek at the setting of a fishing village in Viet Nam. The story is told from different perspectives starting out with a view of the village and narrowing into a hole in the floor where a cricket lives. The prose is lyrical and children will enjoy reading it again and again. I can’t say enough about how beautiful and magical the illustrations are in this book. You will be transported away to a different world. 

In a Village by the Sea lesson plan, picture book activities and free printables

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We were so inspired that we created a lesson plan full of picture book activities for In a Village by the Sea.

In A Village by the Sea Lesson Plans, Activities and Printables

Of course, all good books need an art project as part of the picture book activities and for our In a Village by the Sea lesson plan we tried to catch some of the movement of April Chu’s illustration and give it a slightly Asian feel by adding origami. Learn how to make your own Fishing Scene.

Fishing Scene Art Project picture book activities

Respond to Literature with Journal Pages

Children will enjoy all the fun printables that we have available for you to download!

Encourage them to respond to what they have read by doing activities like this journal page.

We are collecting journal pages based on books to make our own journal of what we have read. It is a fun way to remember our favorite books.
In a Village by the Sea Journal Page picture book activities

In My World perspective printable activity for In a Village by the Sea picture book activities

In a Village by the Sea is also a book about perspectives. We see the images through the eyes of the different characters.

Make your own In my World coloring and writing project to go along with reading this book.

Explore Viet Nam with the links provided in the curriculum. Enjoy a modern version of a classic Vietnamese recipe! Transport your children into another world through the joy of reading and by exploring picture book activities!

In My World picture book activities

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