How much stuff does your kid collect? How many random items do you have floating around? I was getting super tired of cleaning up all those random toys and even worse was the buckets full of toys that never even got looked at again. Can you relate? When you get tired of all those small toys being underfoot you can turn them into a look and find box. That way your kid gets to keep his stuff and you get it off the floor. By reusing common items you get a great game that you can also hang on the wall.

DIY LOOK AND FIND BOX; Create an I-Spy Game for the Kids

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Create an I-Spy Game for the Kids

We are always looking for fun ways to exercise the eyes. Vision games help build the skills that children need to learn reading and math. This DIY Look and Find Box hidden object game works on visual scanning skills and visual scanning skills

It’s easy to make your own DIY Look and Find Box and create an I-Spy type of game for the kids. You can take it with you in the car and it will keep them occupied for awhile.

Materials for a DIY Look and Find Box

o Old Shadowbox or old kit box
o Glue Gun or Heavy Duty Glue (We prefer not to use glue guns around the kids.)
o Random Items
o Index Cards (optional)
o Pictures of Items (optional)


Instructions for a DIY Look and Find Box

Prepare the shadow box or kit box by removing any unnecessary items. Before placing the items in the box, write a list, take pictures or use the index cards. Use the cards, pictures or list as a guide on what to find. Glue the items in the box. You can also make a game of who can find the most yellow items or blue items, etc. in a certain amount of time.

It’s so easy and fun!

DIY LOOK AND FIND BOX; Create an I-Spy Game for the Kids

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