Gross Motor Activities


Gross Motor activities help develop muscle strength and motor planning. Developing gross motor skills is integral to so many aspects of learning and growth.

Animal ElevatorAnimal Elevator

Animal Elevator PDF

The idea for this game came while working on hand over hand skills. In order to make learning that skill more fun this game was created.

Objectives: Hand over Hand coordination, Tying knots, Counting, Language development, Shared Enjoyment.





Ball In A Bag

Ball In a Bag PDF

Here is a fun and simple way to work on visual tracking, ball skills and proprioception skills. The kids will have so much fun they won’t realize that they are actually working on developing core skills.

Objectives: Upper Body Strength, Proprioception and Ball Skills.




Better Hike With Butter

A Better Hike With Butter

A Better Hike With Butter PDF

Today, unless your child lives in a farming community, we need to work harder to make sure that our children understand and appreciate how things appear on the store shelves. This is a fun activity that gets kids out in nature and thinking about how we can interact with nature to make something new.

Objectives: Gross Motor, Observational Skills




Bubble Wrap GamesBrilliant Bubble Wrap Games

Brilliant Bubble Wrap Games PDF

Bubble wrap is one of the best inventions (behind balloons); there are so many fun ways to use it! Put bubble wrap in front of children and watch them rush to play and explore those awesome little pockets of air. We have had so much fun with bubble wrap that we could not choose just one activity.

Objectives: Motor Planning, Sensory Integration, Balance



crossing midlineCrossing Midline

Crossing Midline PDF

Crossing the midline is an indicator of bilateral coordination, meaning the “ability to use both sides of the body at the same time.” This is an important skill for many of our daily tasks.

Objective: Bi-lateral Coordination



Grass Footprints Motor ActivityFootprints Gross Motor Activity

Footprints Gross Motor Activity PDF

A gross motor activity to help develop motor planning and organizational skills.

Objectives: Motor Planning, Gross Motor Development, Directionality, Sensory Integration.




Large Action Board GameLarge Action Board Game

Large Action Board Game PDF

This is a great game for teaching a variety of skills.

Objectives: Turn Taking, Reading, Motor skills, Math skills and Color Recognition.



Maze Game

Maze Game

Maze Game PDF

Mazes are a fun way to work on vision skills, directionality and critical thinking skills. You can make them as elaborate or as simple as you like.

Objectives: Visual tracking, Visual scanning, Motor Planning, DirectionalityAuditory Processing (optional), Following Directions

      Plunger GamesPlunger Games

      Plunger Games PDF

     Combine bathroom humor and balls and see what happens! Kids will have fun while developing their ball skills through cooperative play.

      Objectives: Eye-hand coordination, cooperation, balance and upper body strength.

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