For Sarah and I, being parents is the greatest joy in our lives. Her son is a tween, my daughter an adult, and I can tell you that our children have taught us many lessons over the years. Parenting has brought us many tears and so much laughter. Over the past year, we have shared some of our parenting experiences with you. If you missed some of them, don’t worry, we have collected our top five parenting posts for you to enjoy.

Here are our Top Five Parenting Posts from 2016!

Our Top Five Parenting Posts
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# 5: Are You Suffering From Leaky Brain Syndrome?

Are You Suffering from Leaky Brain Syndrome? Parenting can cause this syndrome.

Leaky Brain Syndrome is a chronic condition where details and other useful information just seem to leak from your brain. This syndrome is most often felt by busy parents. After all, parenting can be overwhelming and there are always so many details to pay attention to. Parents, you can feel better by knowing there are many fellow parents also suffering from the dreaded LBS!  Read all about Leaky Brain Syndrome! 

#4: Go on an Abstract Art Adventure

Go on an Abstract Art Adventure

Sarah always has brilliant plans for adventures with her son. Often her boy has other ideas. On this day Sarah wanted to go to a Fungi Fair to feed her mushroom hunting obsession while Mr. L felt like being creative and making art. Guess who won? Read about how a walk in the woods somehow turned into An Abstract Art Adventure!

# 3: Best Biscuits

Best Biscuits a Parenting Lesson Gone Wrong

This is one of my all-time favorite parenting posts by Sarah. Although Love Notes on My Sidewalk fills my heart with Love and I can relate to her post, The Flight of the Six-Year-Old, this one still makes me laugh every time we talk about it. Sarah wanted to teach her son a lesson in hard work and it completely backfired on her. The lesson her son came away with is that earning money is fun and easy. That could be a valuable lesson for some but it wasn’t the one Sarah was going for. You can read all about their adventure in making the Best Biscuits for dogs and how it turned into a parenting lesson gone wrong.

# 2: On Open Adoption

On Open Adoption

This post took a long time for Sarah to write. Her family has been very open about adopting their son but Sarah was reluctant to write about it until she felt comfortable that her son was old enough to feel okay about the topic being published on Mosswood Connections. Her openness, grace, and strength are all qualities that we can admire. Open adoption may not be the path that everyone would choose, but for those who do, the way that Sarah has handled her son’s adoption will be inspiring. Read about how Sarah and her husband spent the holidays with their son’s biological mother. 

# 1: Encouraging Children to Have Healthy Self-Esteem

activities to build and reinforce a child’s healthy self-esteem.

I am actually not surprised that this is our #1 post because our readers asked us to write about this topic. We asked our readers what topics they were most interested in and overwhelmingly parents were concerned about bullying and the self-esteem of their children. Working with children who have special needs has made us sensitive to ways that we can preserve a healthy self-esteem. Our children can be exposed to so many negative messages, it motivated us to share some ways we can be Encouraging Children to Have Healthy Self-Esteem.

We are looking forward to another fantastic year of parenting and writing all about our adventures. Which parenting post from last year is your favorite? What parenting article would you like to see here in the coming year?

Our Top Five Parenting Posts

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