Do you have an active tween or teen? Do you know an active teen or tween? Perhaps you want to encourage a teen or tween to be more active? Whatever the case, we have you covered with The Perfect Gift for the Active Tween or Teen.

The Perfect Gift for the Active Tween or Teen

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The Perfect Gift for the Active Tween or Teen

Chrono Bomb Action Game is an action-packed spy game. Kids must navigate their way through the obstacle course to get to the bomb before time runs out, and save the day!

perfect gift for teens and tweens

Snowball fights are always fun and a good way to get the kids moving. Now the kids can have an indoor snowball fight with Snowtime Anytime Glow in the Dark Snowballs anytime. You can enjoy having a glow-in-the-dark snowball fight indoors on those days when the weather makes you want to stay in the house.

Adventure Parks Air Pogo X Stick provides endless fun – allowing kids to swing and bounce up to 2 1/2 ft. Don’t be surprised if you see some adults sneaking out to have some pogo flight fun.

The Perfect Gift for the Active Tween or Teen

Kids will go crazy for Light Up Shoe Laces ! It makes getting out and exercising more fun on those evenings when it gets dark early. Send the kids outside for a lit up dance party.

A Giant Inflatable Bowling Set can keep the kids busy inside or out.

Maybe you want to go out for a bike ride? Bright Bike Wheel Lights will turn a family bike ride into a parade of lights. The bright lights also make it safer to go bike riding, especially when it’s dark outside.

The Wham-O Mini Frisbee Golf Disc is the coolest indoor/outdoor toy for kids and adults, play at home, work or for an event, contest and more. I know a lot of people who get addicted to playing Frisbee golf.

POOF Pop Fly “will test your throwing and catch skills and provide hours of indoors and outdoors fun. Each player takes turns throwing their bean bags at the paddle on the base. If they hit it, a green ball will launch in their direction. The object of the game it to catch as many balls as you can by only using the hand that threw the bean bag. The game ends when all the balls have been launched; whoever caught the most, wins.”

This Toysmith Headgames Velcro Game just makes us laugh. Not only do we love to laugh as we learn, we also like to laugh while we exercise and move. This is a great game to get the adults and kids to play together as what tween or teen doesn’t want to throw balls at their parents?

Perfect Gift for the Active Tween or Teen

We love Scavenger hunts. Don’t you? So we were really excited when we found the Kids’ and Family Scavenger Hunt. It’s actually designed for older kids and adults to play together. There are indoor and outdoor versions so you can play it anytime, no matter what the weather is like.

This game can be shared by a group of kids but if you have an only child like me and Sarah, Djubi’s New Twist on the Game of Catch! might be the perfect toy for your family. You hook the ball onto a string, launch it into the air (and it goes really far), and then catch it in the net. A super satisfying version of the classic ball and cup toy.

One of the best parts of hanging out with kids all day is that they help me keep active. FITIVITIES – Kids and Family Fitness is a game that the whole family can play together. Not only will everybody get some exercise, the kids can play as a team and learn to work together. The game also has suggestions on how to modify the exercises for every age or fitness level.

We hope that we have helped you find the Perfect Gift for the Active Tween or Teen in your life.

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The Perfect Gift for the Active Tween or Teen in your life.

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