We love our local craft store, we really do, but we have found the best place for free craft supplies. 

“How do I get free craft supplies?” you ask. The answer is simple; they are right outside your door. You can find an endless supply of free craft supplies by going on a nature walk or by collecting them right in your backyard.

The Best Place to Get Free Craft Supplies And creative ways to use them!

There are many reasons that we have an affection for using natural items in our craft projects. Our first and our most treasured reason is that spending time out in nature with the kids is truly fun. I don’t actually remember too many of our trips to the craft store together, but my mind and heart is full of memories spent exploring and enjoying the outdoors. There was the day on the island making fairy houses out of moss and another day pine cone collecting in the woods as daylight danced away. The time we spent together collecting and creating were moments crafted together with love and laughter.

We get exercise and fresh air as the world melts away. Being out in nature without other distractions gives us time and space to simply observe and experience our environment. Just by exploring nature together we build observational skills and creativity. Figuring out what to do with what you collected is part of the fun. I am constantly surprised by what a child sees when given the freedom to create.

Free Craft Supplies

It is also easy to create natural craft projects that are suited to any age. When my daughter was a tot we would find a palm leaf and glue items onto it. Someday, we might build our way to weaving a pine needle basket. Our nature crafts also give us a seasonal timeline to our free nature craft projects. What we collect in spring will be different from what we find in autumn.

We do have a few simple rules for collecting our natural free craft supplies.

The children can not take anything from a neighbor’s yard without asking. We can not collect or take anything from a state or federal park. Other than that the only rule is to be creative with what you find.

We have an art project for every season.


Sensory Autumn Art Collage


forest wreath


Nature Weaving Spring Craft Project for Kids


Shell Critters Craft project


What will you create with your nature items?

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Free Craft Supplies

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