Parenting can be tricky. How often have you wished that your child came with an instruction manual? Well, we can help by offering you an incredible parenting resource! An amazing group of educators, therapists, child development experts and parents have pulled together to provide the Positive Parenting Bundle for you. Not only is there something for everybody in this bundle it’s being offered at significant savings. If you were to buy each resource separately, it would cost you almost 90% more.

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Positive Parenting Bundle: positive parenting strategies, special needs, education, ecourses, printables and more!

What’s Included in the Positive Parenting Bundle?

The answer is a lot! There are 27 items: 3 courses, 12 ebooks, more than 9 printable resources, along with some fun bonus materials all designed to enhance your positive parenting experience.

The parenting courses included in this bundle will help you navigate the early years and all the emotions your child will experience.

Positive parenting first five years online class: The first years can be overwhelming. This comprehensive, self-paced online course is specially designed so parents can feel confident and enjoy the early years of parenting. Learn simple strategies on how you can increase connection and cooperation using proven positive discipline parenting tools.

Emotion Coaching: An Essential Part of Your Parenting Toolbox: This course provides the tools for parents to become their child’s emotions coach and in the process raise emotionally intelligent children. To make learning these strategies more personalized for your child it comes with an Emotion Coaching Workbook.

Teaching Emotions Toolkit: The Teaching Emotions Toolkit contains all the resources you need to give kids an emotion vocabulary, help them to better understand what they are feeling and what to do with those feelings.

Positive Parenting Bundle

Positive Parenting Ebooks:

Becoming a Deliberate Mom: A Reflective Parenting Workbook: The seven sections in the Becoming a Deliberate Mom Workbook will take you on the journey to become the mom you long to be.

Feeding Toddlers: This simple and amazing book will show you all the secrets you need to teach your toddlers healthy eating habits and restore peace and calm to the dinner table.

Troubleshooting Toddlerhood: Every parent’s survival guide to raising toddlers and young children. Use an intentional and peaceful parenting model to handle toddlerhood with greater ease.

6 Positive Parenting Secrets to Make You An Even Better Mom: Learn about family rules, how to turn around attitude problems, get kids to listen and share, and how to really connect with your kids.

How to Bully-Proof Your Kids: We all want to protect our children from bullying. Here are 14 ways parents can help bully-proof their kids, tweens and teenagers and minimize any emotional damage that bullies may inflict.

Montessori Inspiration at Home – Practical Life for Toddlers: This Montessori inspired book is a helpful resource for practical life skills for toddlers. It includes over 100 pages, of easy to follow ideas, for caregivers to use with their children.

The Action Plan to Calm Intense Emotions in Kids: Build a solid foundation for calm, identify triggers, analyze the data and set up an action plan. Activities, strategies, and cues to calm an upset child.

Scripture for Special Needs Moms: 14 Day Devotional for Special Needs Moms who are overwhelmed and need encouragement.

When Baby Becomes Big Sibling: Real-life ideas for helping the toddler know what to expect, tips for handling regression in the older child, and logistics for life with more than one baby.

Discipline Tips for Special Needs Children: Positive discipline tips broken down by age for special needs children.

Give Children the Gift of a Growth Mindset:  How do you get your child to persevere even when facing a challenge? Information, resources, activities, and printables for instilling a growth mindset in your kids.

Positively Parenting Tweens: Advice for Navigating Parenthood in a Digital Age: Tips and tricks for ending power struggles, conquering homework battles and improving self-esteem.

Positive Parenting Made Easier: Raising Happy and Healthy Children

Printable Materials for Parents and Children:

1 Minute Milestones (0-12 Months) Activity Cards: Activity cards for babies from 0-12 months that encourage milestones in the areas of cognitive, social, self-help, motor, and language skills.

Conversation Game for Tween Girls: With 70 questions across 7 themes designed to inspire discussion, deepen connection, promote self-discovery and build emotional intelligence, you won’t regret purchasing this downloadable game. Everything is easy to print and ready to go.

Calm Down Tools Poster: Printable poster of simple calm down tools that serve as reminders for kids.Alternatives to the Phrase “Calm Down” Poster: Printable poster of alternatives to the phrase “calm down” that serve as reminders for adults to use.

My Personal Visual Schedule: This pack is designed to include elements to create a daily schedule. This schedule can be used at home, in the classroom, or as a transitional aid. There are several formats for how to use the schedule and several pages of visual cards.

Superhero Emotions Calming Kit: The Superhero Emotions Calming Kit uses fun and adorable superheroes to teach kids about feelings and emotions through games and activities. The kit contains 15 pages of interactive, superhero-themed emotion lessons. Walk through emotion identification, recognition, and education with your kids through these pages!

Autism Planner Workbook: Printable 52 week workbook for parents to keep track of therapy goals, appointments, and activities.

Montessori Inspiration at Home Printable Materials: 60+ pages of printables and resources, including Spanish printables!

Positive Affirmations Mini Book for Moms: We all need encouragement sometimes. 8 simple positive affirmations for moms in a one-page, printed mini book.

Positive Parenting Made Easier: Raising Happy and Healthy Children

The Positive Parenting Bundle Includes Bonus Materials!

18 Tips to Help You Lead Your Child With Connection and Love: Simple, and actionable tips for moms include to help you connect and bond first.

Calm Down Mini Book for Kids: 8 simple calm down tools in a one-page, printed mini book

Growth Mindset Printables: 5 printable activities to help children discover The Power of Yet.

Three Positive Parenting Printables: 3 poster style printables with simple tips and advice for when kids aren’t listening, when kids are melting down, and for positive discipline.

Printable Calm Down Cards: 48 printable visual cards with tactics and activities for kids to do when needing to calm down.

Get your Positive Parenting Bundle today!

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