Visual Processing Games


   Visual processing is an essential part of everyday life.  Visual processing games and activities can strengthen and build skills related to vision, math, and reading.

Loads of Fun and Easy Games for the Eyes!

Many vision exercises are a bit boring so we try to add some fun into our vision games and activities.

Visual Memory Sequencing Games

Visual Memory Sequencing Game

What Did I See? Visual Processing Games

The activities included here focus on visual memory. The visual processing games can be made simpler or more complex depending on the level and age of the children.

Objectives: Exploring Visual Processing and Building Visual Processing Skills While Having Fun.

What is Visual Processing and Why Do We Care? Activities to Improve Vision Skills

What is Visual Processing and Why Do We Care?

An explanation of the different areas of visual processing, how it affects the learning process and activities to build vision skills. We have found that with modifications and vision games we can see an improvement, with a child’s ability to do academics and their confidence level.

Objectives: Exploring Visual Processing and Building Visual Processing Skills While Having Fun.

Visual processing games and activities that focus on vision skills

Games for the Eyes

So much of what a child learns begins with visual processing. Visual processing games and activities that focus on vision skills will contribute to a child’s success in a variety of educational settings.

Objectives; Visual Processing Skills

Nature Treasure Hunt Mandala Scavenger Hunt & Cooperative Vision Game

Nature Treasure Hunt Mandala

With all the beautiful mandalas being shared I was inspired to take the kids out and create our own. This time making the mandala became a visual processing and cooperative activity.

Objectives: Visual Scanning, Visual-Spatial Processing, Co-operation, Following Directions

Play-Dough Press Visual Processing Activity A fun and easy play dough game

Play-dough Press Vision Game

A friend came over for dinner and showed our daughter this game. It soon became a favorite game in our home. It is a fun way to work on a variety of vision skills as well as having the added sensory benefits of handling play-do.

Objectives:Visual Scanning, Visual Closure, Visual Discrimination, Visual Figure Ground, Sensory Processing.

Pendulum Water Blast; Develop Visual Tracking Skills Through Play

Pendulum Water Blast

This is a super fun game to help develop gross motor and vision skills. Once kids start playing this game they won’t want to stop! Get ready for spring training while having a blast.

Objectives: Visual tracking, Eye-Hand Coordination, Upper body strength, Visual Processing.


 Make Your Own Look and Find Box

How much stuff does your kid collect? How many random items do you have floating around? When you get tired of all those small toys being underfoot you can turn them into a look and find box.

Objectives: Visual Scanning, Visual Figure Ground

 Find the Mouse Hide and Seek; A Fun family game of Hide and Seek

Find the Mouse

One of the best parts of this game is the unexpected element. Anyone involved in playing needs to pay attention for when a mouse goes missing.

Objectives: Visual scanning, Problem-solving, Joint attention, and Directionality.

Flashlight Reading and Vision Game

Flashlight Game

This is another one of our visual processing games that is a more amusing way to work on visual scanning and visual attention.

 Objectives: Visual Scanning and Visual Attention.

Photo Face Collage A Social Skills Activity for Recognizing Feelings

Photo Face Collage

Most children love to make collages. This activity can help with face recognition as well as a variety of other skills.

Objectives: Face Recognition, Scanning, Higher Order Thinking.







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